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Inspiration Hollywood: 28 Modern Interiors with The Iconic Egg Chair By Arne Jacobsen

The Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen may not be a piece of furniture that was designed for the glitz and glamor of the tinsel town ever so specifically. But much like the ‘Chaise Lounge’ that was elevated to a whole new level thanks to the golden era of cinema, Hollywood has played a pivotal role in cementing the legacy of the iconic Egg chair. Designed originally in 1958 for Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, this furnishing has stood the test of time and come out with flying colors.

Egg Chair on the cover of How to Lose Friends & Alienate People- Talk about irony!

From making a grand appearance in the Beatles video to getting a revamped look in Men In Black and the Austin Powers, many improvised versions have been inspired by this Arne Jacobsen’s classic creation over the years. An eternal symbol of style and chic sophistication its curves exude both power and panache – the reason for its on screen success. These gorgeous interiors that sport the Egg chair will hopefully inspire to add one to the interiors of your home as well!

Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair in red steals the show in this white and brown living room

by Brad Ford ID

Curvy egg chair presents a lovely geometric contrast to all the rigid straight lines around it

by West Chin Architect

Double egg chairs with colorful cushions for an eclectic setting

by Jenna Pizzigati

Elegant floor lamp next to the Egg chair creates a cool and ergonomic sitting area

by Chloe Warner

Exquisite modern living space with track lighting and a multitude of colors used sensibly

by Chloe Warner

Living room with high ceiling employs decor in matching hues

by kimberly peck architect

Noguchi Table and the Egg Chair- A Meeting of the design icons!

by Alter Studio

Ergonomic Design and Timeless Appeal

The Egg chair was indeed a revolutionary piece of décor that was way ahead of its time and that fit perfectly with other creations of Jacobsen. A unique sculpting technique was devised by the designed that helped bring forward those stunning curves that the chair so proudly displays. It also played an important role in the revolution that Danish designers brought to modern furnishings with their inventive designs. But most essentially, the Egg chair is a brilliant creating that has not lost its charm for more than half a century now.

Twin Egg chairs in neutral hues add balance to the interiors of this modern condo

by Beasley & Henley Interior Design

Stylish interiors use the egg chair to add a chic element to the home

by Revamp Interior Design

The secret for this success lies in the marriage of amazing functionality with innovative form that provides a dynamic contrast to an otherwise sterile world that is largely limited to clean and well defined straight lines. Its overall compact form means it works well within small spaces as well and fits in seamlessly in a contemporary or even minimalist home.

Gorgeous Egg chair is perfect for the exuberant setting with shades of Hollywood Regency
Egg chair is perfect for that cozy and inviting nook next to the fireplace

by Peter Tow

Beautiful and vivid living room idea with the Egg chair- A view from the top!

by Axis Mundi

An egg chair in vibrant hues next to a modern fireplace seems to be a pretty popular choice!

by John Senhauser Architects

Adding a couple of Egg chairs to a reading nook instantly brings style and sophistication

by Lisa Petrole Photography

Not Just for Adults!

The popular conception around is that the Egg chair is largely right for interiors that opt for a lavish and rich theme that has understated tones of Hollywood Regency. Yet, that is the farthest thing from the truth as a leather Egg chair in black can bring along with it a touch of masculinity that is refined. Even kids’ rooms are a wonderful place to use the Egg chair as the bright colors they come in are an ideal fit. Mix them with a few other dashing patterns and some colorful décor and an Egg chair can turn into the most appealing and attractive addition to the children’s bedroom or even the playroom.

Boys’ bedroom in blue incorporates an Egg chair that seems right at home

by StudioLAB

Colorful kids’ room sporting the egg chair in style

by Paul Anater

Kids’ playroom with a couple of egg chairs that fit right in

by Sara Bederman Interior Design

Not too demanding on space- One of the advantages of the stylish Egg chair

by More design+build

Spacious modern home employs the Egg chair to add both visual contrast and balance
Use the Egg chair to make smart use of that forgotten corner in your home

by Interior Marketing Group

Accentuate with a Dash of Color

Accent colors are being used more and more as contemporary home owners are largely opting for interiors with neutral color pallets. Accent colors do play a pivotal role in ensuring that the white, grey and brown setting does not turn into a bland affair. A touch of sun-kissed yellow, a dash of bright red or a tinge of regal purple can breathe life into your living space sporting muted tones. This is precisely where the Egg chair comes in. Since the Egg chair is available in stunning shades and vivacious colors that vary from dazzling magenta to gorgeous green, they can easily be a part of your accent color scheme.

Couch cushions that match the color of the Egg chair make for a beautiful and bold addition

by Allison Lind Interiors

Egg chair in an accent color is perfect for interiors with neutral tones

by LMA Group

Magenta Egg chair in the corner pops out proudly in this contemporary bedroom

by Kaufman Segal Design

Add a few couch cushions in matching tone and an odd work of art or two and you are pretty much set. One thing the Egg chair promises is comfort and class that simply never go out of fashion. You will not have to worry about hiding it away after a few years either. Smart, savvy and bringing along with it a certain ‘it’ factor, the Egg chair is a truly a furnishing fit for stars and settings that are larger than life!

Black and white living room with Egg chairs that add a touch of color

by Morlen Sinoway Atelier

Flight Recliner in leather couple with marble fireplace and the Egg Chair for a modern living space

by Allen Associates

Turquoise Egg chair blends in seamlessly with the chic decor in a teenage girls’ room

by Habachy Designs

The hanging egg chair outside is a improvised and contemporary take on the classic by Arne Jacobsen

by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Home library in dark tones sports a charming Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen in bold orange

by Shinberg Levinas Architectural Design

Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair making an appearance along with the Beatles – Part of history!


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