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Animation of Light! Stewie Floor Lamp by Luca Nichetto for Foscarini

Stewie from Family Guy is a character both known and loved across the globe. When Venetian designer Luca Nichetto decided to create a new floor lamp that had its own unique personality and presence, he decided that it will follow the footsteps of ‘Stewie’.

Presented at the Milan Furniture Fair 2012, the Stewie floor lamp was inspired by a household object that had pretty much nothing to do with lighting. It is an imaginative and improvised take on a washbasin design and while its form might be easily recognizable, the technology used in crafting Stewie is truly revolutionary.

Using fabric and polymeric foam that not just are easy on the eye but also comfortable to handle, Stewie projects soothing ambient lighting in a brand new fashion. While most lighting fixtures only offer focused lighting, Stewie brings with it diffused lighting that spreads across the floor of the home. Its simple and uncomplicated form means that you can hook it up and move it around as you please. The unique shape of the floor lamp also makes it as much an art installation as a lighting fixture.

Attractive both when turned on and off, it also is a wonderful way to light up the patio, pool deck or terrace space for a cool evening party. Its design allows it to be used seamlessly both indoors and outdoors. A perfect addition for any residence that sports a contemporary theme, Stewie floor lamp is as delightful as the character Stewie Griffin on TV!

Here’s an interview with designer Luca Nichetto giving us more info about the Stewie lamp by Foscarini. Cool idea, don’t you think?

Sherry Nothingam

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