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28 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas With Glass Doors For A Sparkling Modern Home

There is plenty of planning that goes into the design of a modern kitchen. Most kitchen designs tend to continue the ‘contemporary’ look that home owners chose for their living and dining areas. This pretty much makes a sleek and stylish cabinet with glass-front the perfect options. Glass is an integral part of modern home design and with current residences using it in an extensive manner; it makes sense to incorporate cabinets with glass doors in your kitchen as well.

Wonderful use of glass in a black and white kitchen

There are plenty of options on offer when it comes to kitchen cabinets with glass doors. Perfect for almost any theme and shade that you choose, they definitely touch of sparkle and a hint of gloss to your gorgeous kitchen. Here are a few inspirations that will help you get started in the right direction –

Frosted glass cabinets leave a bit mystery thanks to the translucent look

by Jones Design Build

Interesting kitchen design sports an array of colors and textures
Grey and olive green kitchen for the contemporary home
Minimalist modern kitchen with glass cabinets
Orange modern kitchen with stylish glass cabinets
Reeded glass cabinet in the center offers textural contrast in this kitchen space

by Kristin Lam Interiors

Beautiful frosted glass cabinets and mini beverage cooler fit in aptly in this kitchen

by Case Design/Remodeling

Put on a Show!

Glass-front cabinets are generally attached with beautiful displays that dazzle with glee. This is not far off from the truth. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors are for those who like to turn these lovely shelves into showcases. Yet, it in no way means that the less ‘tidy’ cannot sport them. There are plenty of types of glass currently on offer. You can opt for stained glass or even frosted glass doors that still offer the glossiness of glass doors and also conceal the stuff inside the cabinets to a large extent.

Elegant glass cabinets for a cool contemporary kitchen
Tall glass cabinets are both decorative and ergonomic

by design first interiors

Glass cabinets, no matter where they are located in the house, tend to steal the show with ease. Your kitchen is no different as among all that polished stone and wood, glass-front cabinets always tend to stand out.

Glass front kitchen cabinets set in a wooden frame

by Jill Wolff Interior Design

Glass shelves on either side bring symmetry to this kitchen in white

by Jetton Construction

Modern kitchen with glass cabinets that fit in perfectly with the existing theme

by Jose Garcia Design

Sliding glass cabinet doors for a shelf that does not block your view

by Arnold Ziffel

Smart glass cabinets perfect for a compact kitchen

by Seattle Staged To Sell

Perfect for the small kitchen

Glass door cabinets are an ideal option for studio apartments and urban homes that generally tend to have a pretty small and compact kitchen area. One of the basic principles of designing a small space is to ensure that it seems visually light and airy. Glass is a perfect material to get this job done. While kitchen cabinets engulfed in wood look sturdy, glass doors ensure that there is a sense of openness and loads of ventilation all around.

Custom frosted glass cabinets perfect for the contemporary kitchen

by Wintercreative Interior Design

Glass cabinets set in a largely bamboo dominated kitchen!

Smart lighting accompanying glass-front cabinets, walls coated in single neutral tone and floating shelves that take up very little leg room, one can create a fresh and spacious atmosphere inside a kitchen that is cramped for room.

Small and narrow kitchen with modern cabinets
Textured glass cabinets in a kitchen with bamboo countertop

by 121STUDiO

Traditional kitchen design with lovely lighting and classy cabinets
Wooden lower cabinets and frosted glass upper cabinets bring in a perfect contrast

A Balance of Elements

Look around most modern kitchens and you are most likely to see plenty of wooden, metal and stone surfaces. Glass not only adds a visual contrast to this setting, but also brings in a varied textural surface into the kitchen. Glass-front cabinets are a perfect way to break away from the monotony. In fact, they can be used as a ‘one off’ installation among other shelf designs. Glass door cabinets mix pretty well with most other designs and are work well no matter what the theme of your kitchen is.

Gorgeous contemporary kitchen in dark hues brings in light, airy appeal with frosted glass door cabinets

by Ownby Design

Stained glass door kitchen cabinets for those who love a dash of color

by Harrell Remodeling

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, then adding a glass door kitchen cabinet might be a good step towards giving the space a fresh and bright new look. Once you have the right cabinets in place, there are plenty of ways in which you can decorate it to bring the best out of your kitchen. Ergonomic and easy on the eyes, glass door cabinets surely offer a lot more than meets the eye!

Lovely wall cabinets with frosted glass doors for an eclectic kitchen

by Euro Kitchens and Bath

Sleek modern kitchen in black with gorgeous glass cabinets all around

by m.a.p. interiors

Space between glass cabinets used to stack up some intoxicating delights
Stylish and sleek modern kitchen in white with glass cabinets
Frameless painted glass-front cabinets offer a glossy look

by DKOR Interiors

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