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Glass Cabinets for a Chic Display

Glass cabinets are for those who want their furnishings to have a voice! Why else would you select a piece with glass doors? If you want to conceal items, you purchase an opaque cabinet. When you want a piece to show off its contents, you go with the transparent doors… And just what do you put inside of your display cabinet? Whatever you want to showcase! Books, curiosities, and even towels.

Today’s featured cabinets represent a range of styles, from the chic to the ultra modern to the industrial. Which style should you go with when selecting a glass cabinet for your home? How about a style that nicely complements the other pieces in the room?! Check out the images below and see if they inspire you to purchase a display cabinet of your own:

Sleek and Modern Glass Cabinets

We begin with cabinets that are as sleek as they are modern. The Freeman Storage Double Two-Tier Unit features a finish of pecan-stained wood and lacquer. This modular, stackable piece boasts touch latch doors with glass windows. The white color of the cabinet makes it ideal for the display of vivid items, from bright books to other vibrant objets d’art. [from West Elm]

Wood and glass cabinet

From light to dark… The Sterling Cabinets below are constructed of iron and tempered glass. For each piece, a powdercoat and painted finish is a striking contrast to the clarity of the glass door, walls and shelving. Don’t hesitate to fill these cabinets with bright whites and shiny metallics, which pop against the deep finish. [from Crate & Barrel

Iron and glass cabinets

Cabinets with Glass Doors, Shelves and Walls

Some cabinets are striking in their extensive use of glass. Like the FIAM Palladio Glass Cabinet shown below. This unique round item is  ideal for the display of serving pieces, making it perfect for placement in the dining room. [from Smoke & Mirrors]

Round glass cabinet

The Shine Glass Cabinet by Tonelli features glass doors and metal supports with a silver finish. Transparent tempered glass surrounds the frame, giving this piece an elegant touch. The delicate nature of this cabinet makes it ideal for showcasing glassware, as shown below:

Sleek glass cabinet

With a gridded ultra-modern look, the Blox Glass Cabinet from Bonaldo sports a mirrored base and three glass shelves. Made in Italy, the piece is shown in smoked glass in the image that follows. Note how the dark tint of the glass mirrors the dark upholstery on the nearby seating in the room below. [available through Go Modern]

Smoked glass cabinet

We see the same piece in clear. You know that green tint that usually shows up on the edge of glass pieces? Good news–the glass below has been treated so all you see is clear! Refreshing, isn’t it?!

Clear glass cabinet

For another tall, narrow piece, check out the DETOLF Glass-Door Cabinet from IKEA. A beech effect at the top and bottom grounds this item, but the middle is fully transparent. Which is perfect for your most artistic collectibles. For a chic effect, go with a monochromatic display, as shown below:

Glass cabinet from IKEA

Industrial Glass Cabinets

We end with a series of three industrial cabinets from Restoration Hardware. In fact, Restoration Hardware is known for spotlighting industrial style at its finest. The 1930s Laboratory Stainless Steel Storage Cabinet is inspired by lab cabinets of the ’30s. Hand-welded stainless steel, glass and zinc hardware combine to create vintage-style perfection.

Laboratory stainless steel and glass cabinet

The Pharmacy Bath Tall Cabinet is a reproduction of a 19th-century pharmacy cabinet, complete with glass doors for true display case style. A black enamel finish over steel creates a strong contrast with clear glass shelving, walls and doors. [from Restoration Hardware]

Glass and steel pharmacy cabinet

Metal cabinets are perfect for powder room display cases. For example, the Pharmacy Small Bath Cabinet can hold washcloths, soaps, and other small bath and body items. This piece has a clean look, thanks to a white enamel finish over a hand-welded steel frame. [from Restoration Hardware]

White steel and glass cabinet

Where would you put a glass cabinet in your home? Would you use it as a display case in the living room? Would you have it hold serving pieces in your dining room? Perhaps you’d place it in the bathroom, making it a container for towels, soaps and other goods. Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

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