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Incredible Bathroom Designs You’ll Love

The bathroom can be one of the most elaborate or mundane rooms in a house. Deciding what the perfect look for your bathroom should be can be complicated and somewhat overwhelming at times. Whether you’ve decided to go with a more traditional approach, a more contemporary style, or an over-the-top luxurious design, we have ideas you’re going to love!

Bathrooms For the Trendsetter

A beautiful contemporary-style bathroom.
Sleek lines and contemporary-style furnishings work together beautifully in this space.

If you want your bathroom to make a statement, than a more contemporary style is probably for you. Characterized by fine lines and little to no clutter, this modern style uses monochrome colors and looks great with granite countertops, a granite sink, or tub. These great ideas show how incredible a contemporary bathroom will look in your home. [Image by luxhomedecor]

Black and white colors help to give this contemporary-style bathroom a distinguished look

The black and white color scheme these two bathrooms have are popular to contemporary design. Attention is drawn to the fine lines and uncluttered space that creates an open, airy feel to the rooms.

Lights in the floor surround this contemporary tub, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Courtesy of fslide.com

With these designs, the light fixtures are what help to highlight the contemporary features in these bathrooms. Simple, yet memorable, anyone would enjoy taking some time out in these two spaces.

A contemporary-style bathroom with distinguished light fixtures.

[Image via home-designing]

A contemporary design such as this will not be forgotten.

For the Person Who Loves Luxury

If you love the finer things in life, a luxury bathroom is most likely what you’re picturing when it comes to designing this interior space. From the lighting to the linens, one of the keys to creating a luxurious space is the expensive items you choose to decorate with. Here are a few luxurious designs that will take your breath away.

LED lights illuminate this luxurious bathroom design.

This incredulous design features LED lights that illuminate even the most mundane of its features. The black flooring leading to a raised tub helps to elongate the room and highlight the contrasting colors that make this bathroom pop!

Recessed lighting and beautiful accents contribute nicely to this luxury bathroom.

The red floor mat, sink, and vase in the middle of the table to the right of the shower are the perfect accents to help this luxurious design make a lasting impression. The unique placement of its features and the recessed lighting above the shower also contribute to the scale of this great interior space.

A beautiful Arabian-style bathroom offers plenty of luxury
Splendor and relaxation are the two main things that come to mind with this luxurious design

A segregated, high-rise tub is the focal point of this magnificent bathroom. The neutral colors this bathroom uses causes the eye to be drawn to the more delicate details in the room such as the flooring and curtains that serve as a beautiful accent.

You can’t go wrong with a bathroom inspired that looks and feels like a spa
This beautiful bathroom is nothing short of luxurious

For the Traditionalist

Traditional style encompasses simple elegance, classic shapes, and quiet details. It helps to provide comfort and relaxation with warm neutral colors that have stood the test of time. The beauty is in the details, capturing the design’s true splendor and elegance. Here are a few examples of the beautiful traditional-style bathrooms that don’t go unnoticed.

There’s no such thing as wasted time in a bathroom that looks like this.

The neutral colors in these bathrooms allow attention to be drawn to the details of the room such as the wood grain in the cabinetry, the beautiful tile, immaculate countertops, and elegant light fixtures. The entire design works brilliantly together, creating the perfect place for relaxation.

Simple and elegant, this bathroom design speaks for itself.

Image via HGTV

You will want to take time to relax in this traditional space.

Image via Designlike

This traditional bathroom features an incredible sunken bathtub and spacious shower

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