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New Patterned Rug Finds for Your Interior

Spring is almost here, and we at Decoist are enjoying showcasing new decor finds for the new season! Today we focus on patterned modern rugs in all of their glory. You may be aware that blue is the “it” hue for spring, so many of the finds below reflect current color trends. But you may be surprised to find that some of the best new pieces are updates of established patterns, such as classic stripes or wavy ikats.

As you browse the images that follow, pay attention to items that put a new twist on familiar patterns. For example, a gradated or bold stripe is unexpected, much like a striking geometric print in neutral tones. And we can’t forget about those abstract pieces that love to catch us off guard with their modern style. Enjoy perusing the pics below…

Striped Rugs

We begin with classic stripes. Yet these selections are classic with an edge. The Gradated Stripe Cotton Dhurrie from West Elm presents a series of lines that go from dark to light and from wide to skinny. The fact that the piece is handwoven and crafted of durable cotton makes it all the more appealing. We think this rug is perfect for spring and sensational for summer:

Gradated striped rug

There’s nothing like a stripe in a shocking color! The Draper Stripe Brick Red Rug from Dwell Studio showcases a vibrant hue juxtaposed with white for a crisp effect. This hand woven wool item is presented in a flat weave. Try mixing it with other brights, or stick with neutral furnishings to ensure it takes center stage.

Red striped rug

The Reza Dhurrie Rug has a way of tying a room together in soothing shades of blue. Not to mention, the piece is woven in the Gabbeh style that uses hand-spun wool colored with natural plant dyes. For a close-up of the rug that reveals a stylish stripy border, click here.

Striped dhurrie rug

Ikat Rugs

Oh ikat, you were stylish last season, and now you’re back to leave your mark on 2013. We’re glad you’ve stuck around! In the Zonia Ikat Dhurrie Rug from Pottery Barn, a medallion pattern is stone washed to create a weathered effect. A neutral palette keeps this piece from taking over the room it inhabits…

Ikat dhurrie rug

If we zoomed in on a traditional ikat piece, perhaps we’d get a view similar to the design of the Faded Ikat Rug from West Elm. Adapted from an original painting, this rug in black and white has a versatile color scheme that makes it perfect for a variety of settings, from the most colorful to the most subdued.

Faded ikat rug

The Diamond Ikat Indigo Rug from Dwell Studio is hand woven by artisans in India. A flat weave keeps this selection sleek and modern, while a delightfully blurred diamond pattern creates an earthy effect:

Diamond ikat rug

Geometric Rugs

Geometry never goes out of style! Say what you will about trendy patterns, but it’s never long before another bold geometric is stealing the show. The Hemisphere Rug from CB2 is a hand tufted New Zealand wool piece featuring chromatic round forms. There’s something retro about the vibrant colors and curved shapes, don’t you think?

Colorful geometric rug

The Porter Rug from Crate & Barrel combines fans and curves in neutral shades of undyed wool. White edging makes each shape pop by outlining every subtle hue in this modern piece. The best part: the way the rug can create a soothing backdrop for vivid accents in a contemporary room!

Geometric neutral rug

Are you a fan of tile? You’ll love the bold repetitive motif of the Courtyard Dhurrie. Handcrafted by Indian artisans, this rug boasts a geometric look that closely resembles Moroccan tile. Hexagonal forms pop against a gray background for a look that is bold without being overpowering. [from West Elm]

Geometric dhurrie rug

Abstract Rugs

We end our rug feature with a collection of pieces featuring abstract designs. The Colorful Confetti Rug was created in collaboration with the nonprofit visual arts center Creativity Explored in San Francisco. Creativity Explored artist Hung Kei Shiu designed this piece, which channels the look of topography decorated with festive hatched line segments. [from CB2]

Abstract confetti rug

The Herd Rug was created by Chicago-based designer Noël Ashby. For this interesting piece, geometric forms conjure an abstract herd of antelopes. An orange eye in each form creates a refreshing dose of color that pairs perfectly with shades of blue, as shown in the image below. [from CB2]

Abstract antelope rug

When choosing a rug for your space, consider its function. Will your rug serve as a bold statement, or would you prefer that it subtly unite the other pieces in the room? Patterned rugs have a way of serving as floor art, acting as striking focal points in any space. If you are searching for a more subtle approach, choose a patterned rug in neutral tones. If you’re not afraid of color, go with a vibrant piece, and don’t hesitate to accent it with other bright items. It’s a new season after all!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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