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10 Cool Fish Tanks for Your Office

There’s just something soothing about an aquarium. Why do you think so many doctors’ offices and hospitals feature them as centerpieces of the waiting room? After all, for patients anticipating an appointment or loved ones eagerly awaiting good news, it certainly doesn’t hurt to hear the bubbling sounds of the water while watching colorful sea life scurry around the tank. Not to mention, there’s nothing more relaxing than the sight of aquatic plants waving underwater.

Add the talents of aquarium design firms such as Aquarium Design Group and Okeanos Aquascaping, and the custom design possibilities are off the charts. By the way, today’s fish tank enthusiasts view their decorative fish-filled habitats as “aquascapes.” The word has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? We also think you’ll enjoy the images below. Whether you’re working at home or walking through the lobby on your way to the office, a strategically placed fish tank can take the edge off the most stressful of days!

Aquariums for the Home Office

What better way to achieve work/life balance than by putting a fish tank in the home office? There are many options for fish tank placement, including incorporating a custom-designed aquarium into the bookshelf, as shown below. [from Aquarium Design Group]

With today’s wide range of custom design possibilities, you can ensure that your tank blends seamlessly with the surroundings, as illustrated in the next image featuring a saltwater reef aquarium in an office with rich wooden detailing. [from Okeanos Aquascaping]

Aquarium for the home office

If you prefer a piece that stands out in its setting, go with a metallic tank. Nothing calls attention to an aquarium like a shiny exterior! [from Aqua Vision]

Built-in fish tank with metallic edging

 Aquariums for the Work Office

Why shouldn’t going to work be as relaxing as lounging at home? Okay, we admit that life in the office isn’t quite as chill as life in the comfort of your abode, but working in a space with an aquarium is a step in the right direction. Nervous about your workday meeting? Stop by the inviting fish tank on your way to the conference table and take a deep breath… [from Aquarium Design Group]

Wall aquarium with modern style

A striking aquarium can enliven the most simple of offices. Who cares about run-of-the-mill ceiling tiles when verdant plants and crystal clear water demands your attention? [from Aquarium Design Group]

Black aquarium for the office

In another conference room image, we see the magic of a lengthy aquarium that serves as an irresistible focal point. If your colleagues’ eyes are staring at the wall behind you while you make your presentation, you will certainly know what is capturing their attention. And you can adjust your performance accordingly so they once again focus on you! [from Aquarium Design Group]

Conference room aquarium

A fish tank can also serve as an important divider at the office. In the room below, a gorgeous modern aquarium separates a desk area from a sitting area, all the while preserving the view outside! [from Aquarium Design Group]

Modern office aquarium as a divider

Aquariums for the Lobby

A well-placed fish tank is the perfect way to welcome people into the building, which is why so many office lobbies utilize their aquatic charm. So do residential buildings, as shown by this saltwater reef aquarium in New York.  [from Okeanos Aquascaping]

Custom aquarium for the lobby

A closer shot of the same aquarium celebrates the piece’s grand scale, as well as the way that its stunning blue interior pops against the cool brown shades of the lobby:

Custom saltwater reef aquarium

The aquarium in the next image incorporates the wall’s grid-like surface into its modern design. With today’s custom possibilities, fish tanks are able to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, while standing out at the same time. And what lobby doesn’t yearn for a stunning showpiece?! [from Okeanos Aquascaping]

Built-in aquarium

Aquariums for the Waiting Room

We end with a waiting room aquarium that could perk up any patient! The saltwater tank below resides in a doctors’ office at the Steel Case Building in New York, New York. Regardless of what lies ahead at the appointment, for a few minutes patients can escape into the tranquility of this gorgeous showstopper. Not to mention, the aquarium also serves as a room divider! [from Okeanos Aquascaping]

Custom aquarium in the waiting room

Dramatic lighting is a true highlight of this tank, as shown by a nighttime shot of the office, complete with aquarium illumination:

An aquarium at night

Do you have an aquarium in your home or office? Does it have a calming effect, even on the busiest of days? Is it worth the upkeep? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Editor’s note: Having a fish tank that you look at has been proven to add years to your life!

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