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12 DIY Christmas Ornaments for a Festive Tree

Feeling crafty this holiday season? You’re in luck! A slew of DIY ornament projects have hit the internet! While some require a bit of patience and determination, many are quick and simple. In other words, you can find a project that suits your current mood and focus level. As we’ve previously noted, many of today’s most popular Christmas decorating trends have a handmade look. Others celebrate geometric and neon styles. Then there are those classically vintage creations, often with a cheeky update!

From ball ornaments to clever hanging vignettes, we’ve got you covered. Gather your sequins, paper and paint, and put on some holiday tunes.  There’s nothing like creating a little DIY Christmas magic to get into the spirit of the season! Enjoy today’s ornament roundup…

DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments

Want to create some holiday sparkle within minutes? Take basic glass ball ornaments and fill them with glitter, sequins and tinsel. Vary the color of the fillers and the size of the ornaments to add interest to your tree. These shimmering beauties also make great gifts! [from I Art U]

Sequin and glitter Christmas ornaments

We now focus on the outside of the ornament. Create your own indie craft design using a paint marker on a blank porcelain ball. Take your time with the pattern, letting it dry in stages as you progress down the ornament. And don’t be afraid of wavy lines or imprecise details. These only add quirky charm! [from Aesthetic Outburst]

Black and white porcelain DIY ornament

This next featured DIY project brings the paint to the inside of the ornament! That’s right–squirt some paint into a simple glass ball ornament and swirl it around to coat the whole interior. The result is glossy, glassy and oh-so-classy! Check out the full tutorial (as well as a few other creative ornament ideas) at Little Gray Fox & Little Foto Fox.

Easy paint-filled ornament DIY

We now move away from glass and enter the realm of felt. In fact, this felt sphere ornament was inspired by those paper ball decorations that hang from the ceiling at parties. All you need is six felt circles, ribbon, and needle and thread. Check out the full tutorial at Zakka’s Life.

DIY felt Christmas ornament

Some ornament projects can be ordered online! That’s right–the supplies are pre-cut and pre-measured before they conveniently arrive at your door! This DIY Paper Ball Ornament Kit from Etsy shop Paper Art by Carlos N. Molina provides you with the paper strips and the instructions. Interested in other colors and styles? Check out the shop for an amazing array of offerings! [Photo Credit: Carlos N. Molina] 

DIY paper ball ornament

This next DIY modern paper ornament is a ball, albeit a spiky one! Inspired by the traditional Polish porcupine ball, the project takes a lot of patience to create, but it’s well worth the time and effort to achieve such a fabulous finished product. And the full tutorial at How About Orange guides you through every step! We think this 3-D creation can stay out all year long as a sculptural art piece…

DIY modern paper ornament

DIY Ornaments Using Toys and Trinkets

Ready to create a one-of-a-kind vignette?! Try crafting a DIY diorama holiday ornament. Or better yet, make a few! All you need are hollow sphere ornaments, toys, paint, glue, and a few other necessities to get the Christmas ball rolling. Did you collect miniatures as a child? Try using some of the toys and figurines you may have at home, or purchase a few inexpensive pieces for a fabulous finish. View a quick tutorial at  The Journals of Giddy Giddy.

DIY diorama ornaments

Holiday trinkets take center stage in this DIY Crystal Iceberg Ornament project, shown below. Well, maybe the quartz crystal base steals the spotlight too! Crystals have made an interior design comeback in recent years, and what better way to embellish them for the holidays than by covering them with faux snow and a few other baubles. Visit Design Sponge for more details on how to assemble the finished product.

DIY crystal ornament

This next project is all about the toys. Plastic animal toys. Make your own Sparkly, Glittery Animal Christmas Ornaments using plastic toy creatures, spray paint and a few other simple supplies. Perfect for kids. And adults who are in touch with their playful side! [from Curbly]

Sparkly creature DIY ornaments

Geometric DIY Christmas Ornaments

Good news for geometry-lovers! The DIY projects below all come with templates. That’s right–you get a step-by-step guide to folding and decorating! Let’s start with the neon and pastel geometric decoration craft kit from Etsy shop Minieco. The kit comes with neon and pastel blue paper, as well as simple instructions and neon embroidery thread. When you finish assembling, you’ll have eight fluorescent decorations that can embellish your tree (and even hang in your home after Christmas)!

DIY neon geometric ornaments

For some polyhedral pizzazz, order this next project through Etsy shop Field Guide Design. Follow the simple template and craft your very own DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments! These colorful creations come in a set of 8, so you can celebrate the gem-like motif in bulk! The best part: the paper arrives pre-cut and pre-scored with the strings attached, so all you have to do is fold, glue and hang!

DIY polyhedra ornaments

We end with a gorgeous tree topper project that oozes vintage charm. In fact, this DIY chickadee Christmas tree topper was designed by artist Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. Good news: the project can also serve as an ornament. Download templates and see the full tutorial at Design Sponge.

DIY tree topper

DIY projects sure have come a long way! Not only is the internet filled with amazing ideas for you to craft at home, you can now send away for kits that do most of the dirty work for you! Let’s face it–we’re busy people. Sometimes a little help is appreciated when it comes to DIY endeavors. If you prefer to do all of the crafting, there are still plenty of projects that you can oversee from start to finish. Perhaps you’ve even designed your own! Enjoy the DIY ornament ideas above, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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