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Hot Home Trend: Interior Shutters

Traditionally, we think of shutters as a way to add extra character to the exterior of homes. However, recently there has been a resurgence of shutters used as interior décor as a unique alternative to blinds. Interior shutters are a great way to add class and character to any room, and can help to enhance your window space. Because there are so many colors, styles and shapes to choose from, the options are seemingly endless.

White and brown living room with fancy interior shutters

by Siemasko + Verbridge / Photo Credit: Eric Roth

Here are four attractive interior shutter styles you may want to consider adding to your home

Café Style – Like café curtains, café shutters only cover half of the window. This offers partial shading, while the rest of the window is still open. This sort of style is great for kitchens and dining areas where more natural light is desired. However, keep in mind that, because this does not cover the entire window, it does not offer total privacy.

Door Shutters – Have a glass paneled front or back door that needs a little shading? Ditch the outdated curtain and put in some quality shutters. You can also get custom-made shutters for your door’s sidelights for added privacy.

Arched Top – Classic arch top windows are the perfect spot for installing shutters, and can give your home a vintage, European vibe. Arch top windows cover the entire window, rather than traditional shutters which would not cover the arched area.

Clerestory Shutters – You know those pesky, hard to reach windows at the very top of a high-ceilinged room? They’re great for adding height and light to a room, but can sometimes let in too much sunlight and make a room hot and bright. Not to mention, traditional shades can look odd. Clerestory shutters, however, can be a perfect solution. Like all shutters, you can simply open them when you want the extra light and close them when you don’t.

Bright white kitchen decor with interrior shutters

by Roundabout Studio

Elegant living room design with fancy white interior shutters

by Michael Abrams Limited

Talk about privacy: modern living room with cool black interior shutters

by Pepe Calderin Design

A rather traditional living room with interior shutters for the doors

by Diana Rodriguez

Window with small interior shutters in the kitchen

by Soorikian Architecture

asian style living room with black interior shutters
Asian style living room with black interior shutters

by Z3 Diseño

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