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15 Modern Home Office Ideas

There is no denying that technology is becoming a bigger part of our lives with each passing day. While there’s plenty of downside to this, it also offers individuals greater connectivity and much more convenience. Which is why one of the biggest trends in the past few years has been to work from home — with clients and home owners now coming up with designs for their home offices in an effort to make their life a lot easier and more organized.

Here are 15 modern home office ideas that would seamlessly fit in with most interiors and will hopefully inspire you to design one for your own home —

Home office idea for those who wish to use space under the staircase

We have talked several times before about how the space under the staircase can be used to the hilt to maximize your interiors. Here is a  highly efficient and sleek home office that is stylish and savvy in simple black and white tones.

Elegant home office clad in brown wooden surface

Here is another home office space that is ideal for contemporary houses where the little work space needs to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house. The consistent use of wood in the same texture and color for cabinets, shelves and the chair along with matching décor and dark wooden flooring give the setting a flowing, coherent look.

Artistic and stylish home office space to inspire your work

This gorgeous home office space is all about inspiration as it sports a lovely work or art as backdrop, plenty of natural ventilation with large glass windows and décor that is truly unique. There is also ample storage space available and lots of room giving the work space at home a spacious look.

Attractive and bright modern office space with plenty of storage space

Talk about a home office that will drive away your blues! No matter whether you are starting off work at home in the morning or finishing off what your brought from the workplace late in the evening, this bright and vivacious setting should sure keep you motivated to get things done. [by Decorating Den Interiors NYC]

Beautiful and ergonomic home office with small storage space

This is a simple, yet highly effective home office space idea that utilizes the existing available room and adapts beautifully to create a compact, yet personalized corner that is ideal in both form and function. The lovely white and cream blends in beautifully with the theme of the house and compliments the wooden flooring.

Clean and elegant home office in dark colors and light decor

Here is a wonderful home office room that accommodates more than just one person and seems to be ideal for those who work from home on a regular basis. The color of the walls is close to dark chocolate brown and the contrasting white workstation along with furnishings give it the sophisticated look. [by DME Construction Inc.]


Cozy home office in bright blue and with ample space

Here is a home office idea that most of us can pull off and is perfect for every modern home. The lovely use of color along with the floating wall mounted work station and the shelf above make it perfect for any small space. The presence of an adjacent window always helps when it comes to natural ventilation.

Home office for those who love to think out of the box

In case you want a home office space that will inspire your work with many colors, shades and loads of enthusiasm, then this is the template that you could try to replicate. It is the combination of floor-to-ceiling glass windows with dazzling drapes, the beautifully polished surfaces and the sleek black storage shelves that gives this home office the touch of modernity with class! [by Ted Maines Interiors]

Home office space for entire family with warm hues and translucent doors

This is a lovely little space that is designed to suit the needs of the entire family. While adults can hide behind the translucent doors as they work while still being able to keep an eye on the kids outside, so can the kids enjoy some activity time here with the noise being kept to the room. [by DKOR Interiors]

Lovely modern home office with a white backdrop

Sleek shape, space saving design and floating shelf space ensure that this home office design can be incorporated in any modern home without much work. The simplicity of the design and yet the contrast offered by the wooden work station make it highly appealing. [by Feldman Architecture, Inc.]

Modern Home Office in Florida with unassuming simplicity

This is a design that seems to embrace the contemporary look with a touch of minimalism to it. With clear and well defined lines of the office space the simple hues really help the room acquire a personality of its own. [by Trend Design + Build]

Panoramic window gives this home office a great view of the outdoors

Our own personal favorite in the list of modern home office designs; this is a stunning and captivating design that uses the exterior elegantly as inspiration. The green and gorgeous outdoors are brought inside with a lovely glass window that makes us wonder if we would ever get any work done with such a panoramic view on offer! [by Bertram Architects/ Photograph by Richard Horn]

Snazzy and colorful home office that blends in with the living space

What we love about this one is the lovely use of color and patterns to ensure that the work space at home stays lively, looks like an extension of the home and has a sense of cheerful purpose about it. There is no point creating another boring cubicle at home, is there? [by Anita Roll Murals]

Space conscious home office with sloped windows and a bicycle mounted on the wall!

Sloped windows at the top offer loads of natural light here and the wall-mounted bicycle seems to act as a perfect accessory for this condensed home work space. There is not much of a shelf space, but the cabinets in the bench seem to make up for it partially. [by Walk Interior Design- Southampton]

Stunning home work space in gorgeous gray perfect for any contemporary home

And we finish off the collection with a design that has nothing too extraordinary when each of its elements are viewed individually, but when put together, the snazzy chairs, the simple desk, matching wooden cabinets, lovely lighting fixtures, the brick wall as backdrop and the giant arch with drapes make this home office one of the classiest you will ever see. Loads of variation on offer here! [by Tom Stringer Design Partners/Photography by Werner Straube]

Sherry Nothingam

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