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Selecting Stylish Window Treatments: 8 Inspiring Ideas

People have very different habits when it comes to natural light. Some love to bathe their home’s interior in sunshine while others prefer to block it out completely. Some like sunshine in some areas of their home, such as the kitchen, but like their bedroom or dining area shaded. Whichever way you prefer your light (or lack thereof), there is a window treatment style to meet your needs.

Contemporary ornate allover with influences from decorative iron work printed on a soft natural linen

by The Couture Rooms

Without further ado, here are a few considerations you should make before selecting window treatments for your home —

The treatment should fit the room’s purpose. In other words, if you have windows in your office, you may want to hang roll-up light and sound blocking shades. This offers you the flexibility to open your windows and let in the light when you need some inspiration, but keep them tightly shut when you’re immersed in work. The same goes for a bedroom. While sleeping, the shades can remain shut and be easily opened when morning arrives.

Ensure the fit suits the window shape. Floor-length drapes look great on taller windows, but can dwarf smaller ones. If you’re looking to make windows seem taller, hang the curtain rod a couple of inches above the top of the window. Additionally, if you choose floor-length drapes for your longer windows, be sure they just barely graze the floor. There is nothing attractive about curtains that pile up on the floor like old laundry.

Two-toned window treatments with a green theme
Dramatic and cozy window treatments for a study room

by Michael Abrams Limited

Be careful when selecting patterns. Window treatments that are too bold or busy can take away from other décor throughout the room. However, a simple print can bring a room to life. Be sure the pattern you choose creates the right balance.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you have a room with floor-length windows or glass doors as well as a standard sized window or two, it’s okay to have different styles of treatments. For example, some homeowners may choose elegant drapes for the larger windows and simple Roman shades for the others. It’s okay to change up the style so long as the fabrics match.

Basic solar shades with nice clean lines

by Drew McGukin Interiors / Brett Beyer Photography

artistic window treatments for a master bedroom in black and white
Artistic window treatments for a master bedroom in black and white

by Lompier Interior Group

Stylish window coverings with asian influence

by Lisa Scheff Designs

Roman blinds on windows and window treatment at backyard door

by Enviable Designs / Photography by VIcky TAn

Semi-circular windows covered with fabrics for a stylish appearance

by Patrick J. Baglino

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