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30 Colorful and Contemporary Baby Bedding Ideas for Boys

The excitement that comes along with having a little kid arrive into your lives is simply amazing and something that can be only truly felt when the event does happen. Every parent wants the very best for their tiny tot and while there are plenty of fun times, great moments and loads of mischief, it also takes careful planning, energy and patience to ensure that everything is as close to perfect as possible.

Finding the ideal bedding set for your baby can be a difficult task indeed. This seems especially true for boys, as they somehow seem to have far less variety when it comes to options in décor and furnishings when compared to girls (that’s if you ever wondered why girls grow up to love shopping so much!!!)

Baby boy bedding design idea with matching decor

Yet here is a collection of 30 amazing bedding set and crib set ideas for the little boys and there is plenty of variety on offer here as well. From the bright and vivacious to the subtle and sleek, feel free to draw inspiration from any design that feels ‘just right’ for your precious darling at home-

Blue and white baby bedding set for your little one
City Boy Stripes baby bedding in simple shades
Cool and stylish Oilo Modern Berries crib set

by 2Modern

Ergonomic and regal baby boy bedding set that reflects plenty of class
Exquisite and impeccable baby crib with pristine white custom bedding set for boys

by Hillary Thomas Designs Candy Shop Collection

Jazz baby bedding set in sophisticated brown and green

Riding the high seas and scoring great goals!

How about treating your kid with a bedding set that draws inspiration from nautical themes, displays bright and bubbly images of the pirate life and fills their world with dreams about traveling the world? Or maybe you want them to enjoy sports just as much as you do and one day end up signing deals from Nike and Adidas? Well, these bedding designs are great for all of that or simply putting out a room that uses pirate or sports themes!

Ahoy Crib Bedding by Hoohobbers perfect for the little mischievous pirate at home!
All stars sports baby crib for the littlest sports fan in your family!
Baby boy Bedding set idea for those who love fun outdoors
Beautiful blue Come Sail Away baby bedding set with a nautical theme
Pirate bedding in vivid print to cheer up your little devil
Rock and roll baby bedding set for the Elvis of tomorrow!
Sports baby bedding to get your dude started young!
Traditional yet colorful sports baby crib and bedding set for the future football stars

A wild heart and a colorful imagination

Maybe pirates and sports stars are not the best role models for your tiny tots to get started on. How about a brush with nature, loads of color, cool animal companions and brilliant shades? From monkeys and elephants, to stars and stunning shades; this collection has a bit of everything to light up your boy’s room endlessly.

A crib full of monkeys to make your boys bedding endless fun
A crib full of monkeys to make your boys bedding endless fun
Alphabet baby bedding set for your bright tiny tot
Baby boy bedding set with a cool blue aquatic theme
Classic brown crib with airplane bedding for boys
Colorful baby bedding for boys with an animal theme
Give your baby boy loads of company with the fun bedding set
Lovely baby bedding in cream and brown

Fitting in with the contemporary times

Not everyone wants to create a baby room that is dazzling and more akin to a nursery. At times, the problem with so much color is that it might b real hard to get them to sleep. (Which is no easy task without the distractions anyway) The best way might be to opt for a bedding set that is modern, ergonomic, comfortable and elegant. This also helps the bedding fit in perfectly with the rest of the décor and the existing theme of the house.

Oeuf Sparrow crib in walnut that can easily double up as toddler bed with minimal bedding on top


Refreshing green Banana Fish Moda baby crib bedding set
Sabra Baby Bedding in Pewter and white perfect for the contemporary home

by PoshTots

Simple baby boy bedding in brown
Skyline Blue crib set with a lovely mural as a backdrop

by Anita Roll Murals

Sleek and contemporary baby boys bedding set in cool blue and auto motif
Soothing baby bedroom complete with plush bedding
Woodland Tumble baby bedding in neutral shades ideal for boys with a wild spirit

by PoshTots

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