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Choosing Creative Baby Bedding for Your Little One

Your little one’s room is the best room in the whole house! It is the one room where magical fairytale dreams come to life and pleasing you and your child is the only design aesthetics that you worry about. Choosing baby bedding can often be a challenge – from what colors to choose from, what patterns and prints to decide on and coordinating it with your home’s design style can all be at the forefront of your mind.  Here are some helpful tips for choosing baby bedding that is creative and inspiring for your little one.

creative neutral baby bedding
Choose bedding that is creative for your little one

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Creativity over boring design style:  

Bedding has come a long way over the years. Baby bedding used to have generic baby iconic prints with colors that spoke to pink or blue color palettes and left little room for creativity.

Today’s baby bedding is full of modern patterns, textures, bold and soft color palettes and room for your imagination to run free. The internet has made it possible to bring creative baby brand manufacturers to the everyday parent through artisan shopping websites and creative home decor marketplaces. Now choosing bedding that resonates with your style.

creative pink patterns baby bedding
Creative baby ideas for bold patterns

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creative nature animal baby bedding
Choose themes such as nature, animals in fun color palettes

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Modern styling in your traditional nursery:

 Creative bedding choices have made it easier to coordinate your modern home in your adult spaces such as living, family and bedrooms. This same styling has been brought into children’s bedding. Bold chevron stripes, whimsical polka dots, and mosaic-inspired patterns have now joined the nursery and they inspire the rest of the nursery to look just as beautiful.

Coordinated blankets, pillows, crib bumpers and more come in sets that you don’t have to think about coordinating.  If you want to switch out colors, consider mix and matching solid colors with patterns, stripes, and bold themes. Nature, sports, and animals are themes that never go out of style.

creative boy bedding patterns
Gender neutral bedding has come a long way!

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Creativity doesn’t have to be based on gender:

 With all of the wonderful choices in baby bedding gender doesn’t have to rule how cute your child’s bedding. There used to be a time when girl bedding came in hundreds of choices and boys bedding were limited to a select few. Today gender neutral bedding is quite the trend and thank goodness for all the parents who love non-traditional nurseries!

Neutral grays, black and white, orange, chocolate brown, and turquoise are some of the latest color palettes that are popping up in modern nursery bedding. Go ahead and choose the colors you love and be don’t let the gender of your baby hinder your choices.

creative gender neutral bedding
Mix and match patterns and solids for a creative nursery

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Choosing creative baby bedding once was a challenge. With these helpful ideas determine what design styles you like in your home. With all of the unique bedding ideas for children you will have problems choosing just one that you love. Babies are only young for a few years so have fun and create a nursery you will love to see your baby grow up in!

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