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Welcome to the Jungle: 14 Plant-Filled Interiors

Feeling a little green? Not green with envy, but green with a love of plants! Often a houseplant is an afterthought–that accessory for the corner table, or the “icing on the cake” when it comes to living room accents. But today we celebrate 14 rooms that actively integrate plants into the decor. In fact, the style of these verdant spaces actually depends on the plants they hold!

The interesting thing about houseplants is that they can evoke a variety of sentiments. Bursting with life, they can be elegant, tropical or modern, and they can even veer into quirky territory. Use them to your advantage, but don’t forget to take care of them! Enjoy the images below, and let them inspire you to add some greenery to your interior:

Conservatory Style

Get the greenhouse look by paying homage to plant life through your decor. An abundance of greenery is essential, as well as a willingness to let natural growth trump manicured style. In other words, let the plants take on a life of their own. At least a little bit. Below we see a room that celebrates all things green with an assortment of what appears to be botanical prints or pressed flowers. Coffee and side table plants authenticate the space. [from Mix and Chic]

A plant-themed living room

Plant life pops against bright walls and an abundance of natural light. In the living room below, designed by John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross, large green leaves are a nice contrast to bunches of rosy blooms. [from Lonny]

A plant- and flower-filled living room

In another space designed by Dransfield and Ross, we see a collection of plants on a table, as well as a houseplant on its own pedestal. Note how levels are achieved on the table by the window, thanks to the strategic staggering and staging of pots. The best part: the way the leaves naturally overflow, adding a wild element to the room. [from Lonny]

Plants soak up sun by a living room window

Nothing says “quirky” like a terrarium or a collection of ferns. Note how an assortment of interesting plant selections anchors the space below. [from Apartment Therapy]

A living room filled with plants

Elegant Plant Statements

Sometimes plants do their best design work when running wild. At other times, they are carefully placed to create a sense of elegance. There’s nothing like a large potted plant to add polish to a room. The green living space below comes to life with the help of potted tropical greenery and fresh flowers. [from Mix and Chic]

An elegant green living room

Sometimes glamorous style is as much about the container as it is the plant life itself. In the next featured space, designed by Robert Leleux, a trio of urns serve as elegant receptacles for arranged greenery and flowers. [from Lonny]

Elegant plants in an eclectic living room

Speaking of containers, can you count the vases on this wall of treasures? Now try counting the plants. Each piece of decor has its own special spot on the shelves below. The plants add eclectic charm to the formal display. [from Rock in Stock via Houzz]

A shelf of plants and other treasures

Tropical Plant Selections

There’s no better way to go tropical than with an abundance of plants. In fact, many of today’s most popular potted houseplants are tropical in nature. If you’re thinking of celebrating tropical style at home, don’t forget to bring a living element indoors. Below we see the spiky leaves of a tall, grassy plant, along with other eye-catching arrangements that add to the room’s island style. [from My Home Ideas]

A tropical living room filled with plants

Where does the interior end and the outdoors begin? It’s hard to tell in this next space, a luxurious tropical retreat. Potted palms and long-leafed coffee table plants bring the lush greenery indoors. [from Ownby Design via Houzz]

A tropical living room

Modern Plant Marvels

If you’re wondering how to add an organic look to your modern space, consider incorporating plant life. An assortment of contemporary planters and vases will help keep things subtle, yet the payoff will be large. Take your cue from the room below, which features a banana leaf palm, as well as other bold selections that help define the space. [from Moment Design + Productions via Houzz]

A modern living room filled with plants

In the next modern living room, an abundance of natural light and interesting architectural details are the perfect backdrop to plants of all shapes and sizes. Part greenhouse and part plant gallery, the space proudly displays each verdant item. [from Neelachal Builders]

A luxury apartment filled with plants

It’s hard to top the allure of a living wall. That’s right–vertical gardens are a new reality, thanks to a little strategic engineering. The wall below is a true showpiece of this contemporary sustainable home, located in downtown Denver, Colorado. [from RE.DZINE via Houzz]

A living wall of plants in a sustainable home

In a unique take on indoor plant life, a collection of ferns and other green selections thrive in what appears to be an indoor flowerbed. The display is heightened by a rug from Angela Adams, which mirrors the organic shapes of the plants. Don’t hesitate to include plant-like decor to maximize the effect of your greenery. [via Houzz]

Indoor plants in a green living room

Our last featured interior serves as a wonderful reminder to keep it interesting. That’s right–choose wisely. Sometimes less is more, and carefully selecting intriguing plants can make a big impact. Succulents and an orchid are two of the verdant highlights in the modern space below, which celebrates the contrast of dark and light (and a little green)! [from Aria Design via Houzz]

Interesting potted plants in a contemporary bedroom

As you select indoor plants, consider the available light in your interior. Consult an expert at your local nursery if you have any doubt about a plant’s ability to thrive in your home. Placing greenery by the window can be helpful, as well as knowing when too much light is an issue. If your interior is not plant-friendly, don’t rule out the greenery. Freshly cut leaves and flowers make wonderful centerpieces!


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