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Fresh Ideas For Decorating Your Walls

We spend a lot of time indoors, in our air-conditioned cozy cubicles, or amidst a mass of plumped pillows. Let’s change up the surfaces of these four walls with some character and change our scenery to something that contains a bit of who we are and what we believe in.

Colorful wall decor looking like tears

Rooms to Inspire by the Sea by Annie Kelly / by Rizzoli New York; Photo by Tim Street-Porter

Boys room tree wall decal and motorcycle rocker

Children’s room / by INVIEW Interior Design

I am a passionate believer in post-it notes. No matter how many virtual apps can replace the note taking frenzy, I still rely heavily on the neon and pastel colored sticky two inch squares as an outlet for my wild and bizarre thoughts or endless lists. Jotting nearly an illegible scrawl of the moment’s contemplations and slap them in an almost organized fashioned around my desk and workspace. It’s my chance to get some writing on the wall, and the bright orange (the post-it note colored pad my mind is working through right now) labels are a constant reminder to me, like a thread tied around the finger. But having only ten digits, I too soon would run out of tangible aides for memory prompting. And so, I use Post-it notes.

Bright home office design with colorful wall art

by Phillips Collection; Photo Credit: Extreme Makeover: Home Design

But the beige accent wall I’ve chosen to adhere my orange scribbling’s to, well it’s a sad form of decoupage for all the hard work that was spent planning and exacting a decorous room.

Whether it’s writing on the wall you want to see, or something other than the wild colors of 2012, you can display your style and personality by slapping it on old school. Wallpapering with what you love, not only what the production line and public deems wallpaper worthy but other elements from your home or collections.

1. Are You Puzzled, Yet?

Living room design with puzzle wall
Giant puzzle wall design by Geometrix Design

Create a montage of puzzle pieces for an eclectic look that includes but is not limited to dimension, creativity, exclusivity and some fun and pep that let’s be honest, we all could have more of in our lives. And you know you were never going to finish this jigsaw, so what’s stopping you from giving it a place on your wall rather than table? (Above images by talented Russian designers from Geometrix Design)

2. Art. Wall art!

Stunning living room with patterned chairs and fancy horse painting

Boston dining room / by Drew McGukin Interiors

A china cabinet is the source that highlights all our precious belongings. From heirlooms to collections, we proudly display them for others to enjoy as well. Now you like an acquaintance of mine, you can turn your entire wall into the stage for your collection. Turn all your TIME magazine editions into a mass exhibition plastered in grandeur on your wall.

3. Wood You Look At That!

Home desk for teenage boy’s room, with cork walls and custom drapery

Office design / by lisa rubenstein – real rooms design

A wine connoisseur? Then it’s time you enjoy your devotion to this hobby and passion with a daily reminder. Cork walls are a fun way to upcycle, and create texture in an earth friendly manner. Using the actual cork stoppers at different levels, widths or height or choosing a more dorm oriented experience with flat cork wall you can infuse your home with bark worth barking about.

So like the contemporary artists who have fashioned clothes out of toilet paper, recycled candy wrappers and other unimaginable materials, embrace a wall whose dossier includes new supplies that evoke the viewer to fall in love with both the room and you.

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