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How to Incorporate Your TV into Your Home Decor

For better or worse, televisions have become an integral part of our life experience. Groups of people gather around them to be entertained by their favorite comedies and informed by news programs. We eagerly cheer on sports teams and watch history unfold right before our very eyes. So, of course it would make sense that your television would be prominently featured in the center of your home.

Fancy TV install in living room

by Abramson Teiger Architects / Jim Bartsch Photography

Unfortunately, televisions don’t always complement the design of your home – and you may feel as though your décor and electronics are continually battling for center stage. How can you integrate your television into your home without marring the design you’ve so carefully constructed?

1) One idea is to implement a media wall. This is a concept that essentially hides your television right in plain sight. In this case, the television is seamlessly built right into the wall. When the TV is switched off, it nearly disappears right into the wall, becoming a part of the design itself. However, when it is switched on, the TV once again becomes the focal point.

Contemporary media room

by David De La Garza / ZURDODGS / Photo by Joey Accordino, Blue Ocean Photography

TV Room

by PROjECT. interiors, Aimee Wertepny

Ultra contemporary media wall

by Modern Home Theatre

fancy media room design
Fancy media room design

Design by Richlin Interiors / Jerry Krecicki with Affordable Photography

2) Another option is to make the television its own piece of art. Place your flat screen where you’d otherwise place any other large piece of décor – such as above your fireplace, between two bookshelves or above a decorative table. Instead of trying to hide your television, celebrate it – especially if it’s a chic design. You may be surprised how much this element can add to your room.

Install your TV in a place where you’d normally put art

Laguna Cottage by Darci Goodman Design

3) Lastly, if you absolutely, positively feel as though there is no way your television could ever add to the attractiveness of your home, feel free to hide it away. Invest in an attractive armoire or cabinet, and slide your TV inside. Simple open the doors when it’s in use and, when you’re done, simply shut it away – and far out of sight.

Wall mount TV with sliding doors to hide it

Pacific Heights Remodel and Addition / by EAG Studio

Hiding the TV in style in this modern living room

Presidio Hieghts Residence / by Marla Schrank Interiors

Hiding the TV behind console made of champagne racks

Riddling Rack Media Solution ($450) – from PotteryBarn

Hiding the TV with wall art
Traditional Style Meets Modern Loft / by Andrew Flesher Interiors


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