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Minimalistic Spanish Home Offers Stunning Views of the Sea & a Refreshing Dip in Its Breathtaking Pool

Contemporary homes not only seem to rely heavily on the interiors for their look and appeal, but seem to be borrowing extensively from the surroundings. Stunning terrace views are becoming more and more often and that is all the more true in case of structures that are taking shape close to the shore. Everyone wishes to wake up to the sights of waves dancing at a distance and the freshness of the gentle sea breeze and the Dupli Dos in Ibiza, Spain is one such home, which promises the perfect view of the mighty blue stretching far into the horizon.

White luxurious villa in Ibiza
Ibiza villa with pool and day bed on the terrace

Designed by Juma Architects, the home has a wonderful first floor that is defined by its extensive and extravagant use of glass in the form of floor-to ceiling glass windows. The entire floor can be used either as a single flowing space or one can create several rooms using in-built partitions. While the use of the glass allows for lovely views of the sea not too far away, the infinity pool simply takes the experience to a whole new level.

The house also sports another pool, in case you would like a different view and the interiors are mostly clad in subtle neutral shades with the walls following an ‘all-white’ template. Styled with décor and furnishings that also shout out the philosophy of ‘less is more’, this is one gorgeous house that matches the grandeur of the views it offers with the elegance of its interiors.

Outdoor patio with stunning sea views
White Ibiza villa
Ibiza beach villa with fancy outdoor patio and pool
Beautiful day bed and pool
White luxurious outdoor patio
Charming villa in Ibiza
White modern interior design
White bedroom with suspended wooden bed
Modern living room in Ibiza villa
Large white living room with stunning sea views
Ibiza villa with open plan kitchen and dining area
White interiors – functional shoe rack in walk-in wardrobe
Bright living room with cream L-shape sofa
Stunning villa design in Ibiza
Beautiful indoor – outdoor sliding doors and furniture

Sherry Nothingam

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