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Whimsical Decor Ideas for Kids Rooms

Once of the most exciting things about decorating childrens’ rooms is that there are almost no limits. Adult living spaces, regardless of how trendy and charming they may aim to be, lack the sort of creativity and color that is the very essence of childhood. However, when it comes to decorating your child’s room (boy or girl), you can provide them the opportunity to allow their imagination to soar while you work to bring those concepts to life. Here are some helpful ideas for creating fantastical and fun kids rooms.

  1. Murals – If your child is having a difficult time choosing a wall color for their room, it might be because the concept of having just one color is much too dull for their tastes. Instead, consider painting a mural. From a scene out of their favorite bedtime story to a made up fairytale land of their wildest dreams, a mural is a work of art your child can enjoy for years to come. Artistically-inclined parents may choose to paint their own, but you can always hire the work from a local artist or other professional.
  2. Play Space – One of the most important things about being a kid is having a place for your imagination to run wild. No matter the size of the room, ensure you leave plenty of space for dolls, cars and dinosaurs. Depending on the ceiling height, you could even construct a small loft or play fort.
  3. Bright Colors – If your child says they want a lime green and orange bedroom, your first instinct may be to steer them towards a more realistic palette. However, whatever their vision may be, there is always a way to make it work. Instead of lime green walls and orange furniture, add touches of the colors amongst other shades. Provide them with a variety of color.
  4. Wall Decals – If a mural feels too permanent, or you’re living in a rented space, you may want to opt for removable wall decals. These vinyl decorations come in all sizes, shapes, colors and designs. If you can’t find what you need, you can even order them custom made. Then, once your child outgrows the design you can simply remove it in a matter of minutes. Although every parent wants their child to stay small forever, sometimes it’s best to pick options that allow them the room they need to grow.

Images by: CWB Architects, Smith & Vansant Architects (Rob Karosis Photography / www.robkarosis.com), Anita Roll Murals, Lucy McLintic, ducducnyc.com, Douglas Design Studio, Shirley Meisels, Jennifer Bishop Design (Image by: Photo Designs by Odessa / http://photodesignsbyodessa.com/), vgzarquitectura y diseño sc (Photo by Jaime Navarro).

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