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Bright and Trendy: Gorgeous White and Wood Dining Rooms to Savor

If there is one color scheme that has taken the design world by storm in the last few seasons, then it is white and wood. When the trend started out, most dismissed as something far too trivial to take notice of. But soon, we had both homeowners and designers embracing the beauty of wood and white fully and today you can see the color scheme take effect in homes across the world. Next time you see a living space or bedroom in white with warm wooden surfaces all around that provide contrast, then remember that it is not a coincidence! With that in mind, today we take a journey through the best dining spaces in white and wood.

Ceiling beams create a stunning visual inside this white and wood dining room [From: Buffalo Builders Santa Fe / Louise Lodigensky]

The dining room in white is absolutely perfect for the fall dinner parties and even as Thanksgiving rolls in, you can add pretty much any color and accent feature to create that dream dining-scape. Wood brings warmth to this setting without disturbing the neutral backdrop. There plenty you can borrow from these gorgeous dining rooms as you step into the thick of the Holiday Season ahead. Delve in, to find out more –

Trending and Timeless!

The white and wood dining room is not just trendy, it is a timeless space that works well even if the current trade fades away. The backdrop it creates is so simple and easy that one can add pretty much any other design element to it and alter the visual completely. Just place a lush green indoor plant in the corner, some candles on the table itself and add other accent hues here and there to shape a dreamy and dashing backdrop.

White and wood dining space is the perfect place for great Holiday dinners! [From: Bjurfors Skåne]
Minimal dining room in white and wood with skylight [From: NASU CLUB]
Wood and white are used in equal proportions inside this Californian home

Add Something Different

Just because it is white and wood in the dining room that dominates, you need not strictly stick this color scheme on all occasions. Feel free to improvise by replacing part of the white backdrop with light hues of gray or even pastel blues. Black for the window frames and throw pillows or other smartly placed accents can add even more color which can be changed as color trends vary.

Stunning white dining and kitchen with subtle use of wood and gray
Use light gray instead of white for a smart, yet sophisticated backdrop in the dining room [From: Stylingfabriken]
Accent pillows, wooden trims and dining chairs add contrast to the white dining room backdrop [From: Madeleine Design Group]

For the Open Plan Living

The dining room is increasingly becoming a space that is relegated to just a section of the large open plan living area. An exclusive and formal dining room is becoming a rarity with each passing day. This is precisely why a wood and gray color scheme comes in handy as it links the dining room easily with the kitchen and living area that flank it. Repeating white and gray in both the living space and kitchen is far too easy and you have a curated interior that is ready to welcome any accent color or pattern with ease.

White and wood dining room of Californian bungalow viewed from outside
White, light and wood shape this gorgeous dining space [From: Rachel Loewen Photography]
Modern dining room in white and wood in an open plan living area [From: Studio 1 Interiors]

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