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Warmth and Texture: 10 Unique Living Room Wood Accent Walls

It would barely come as a surprise to anyone following early trends of 2017 that natural design elements are currently a hit among homeowners and designers alike. Wood is the undoubted leader of this pack with modern homes embracing the warmth and organic elegance of the material at its beautiful best. Be it ingenious décor, stylish accessories or even exceptional backdrops, wood is pretty much everywhere you look around! Now is definitely a great time to get in on the ‘woodsy wave’ and you can do it without completely revamping your existing living room.

Shelves next to the TV add 3D effect to the accent wall

A living room accent wall in wood is a great way to bring in both visual and textural contrast without altering the existing style, color scheme or theme of the space in a drastic fashion. An accent wall addition also demands little work when compared to a complete living room remodel and you have a captivating focal point for your refreshing interior. Check out these 10 fabulous ideas before you start planning for a wood accent wall –

Hint of Sculptural Beauty

A gorgeous wooden accent wall can offer much more than just textural contrast in a contemporary interior dominated by polished finishes. A fabulous curved accent wall like the one below brings with it loads of intrigue and a touch of 3D beauty that brings the interior alive. The wavy strips of wood that hold both the television and the shelves around it seem like a work of modern art as they elevate the style quotient of the dashing apartment in Columbia.

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Curved accent wall also offers built-in shelves
Curved wooden accent wall in the living room [Design: David Bombilla]

A wooden accent wall does not always have to be one of the pre-existing walls in the living room. You can create your own wall of wood with a striking room divider like the one below. Delineating space in an open plan living without blocking the line of sight or even the flow of light, this elegant divider acts as an accent wall that is easy on the eyes and space-savvy as well!

Custom plywood partition used to delineate space [Design: Eugene Meshcheruk]
Accent addition in wood need not always be limited to the wall!

Reclaimed Wood at its Magical Best!

What is a better way to embrace rustic natural charm than by bringing home wood, you ask? Well, how about finding some space for reclaimed wood in your home! Reclaimed wood adds another layer of richness to the interior when compared to newer wood surfaces and you can also find quality wood in old, discarded pieces if you know what you are looking for. An accent wall comprising of reclaimed wood planks also can create an eclectic or rustic backdrop that is perfect for living rooms that need a shabby chic, industrial or farmhouse twist to their monotonous modern personality.

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Small living room with accent wall crafted out of reclaimed wooden panels
Closer look at the accent wall crafted using reclaimed barn wood
Reclaimed barn wood steals the spotlight here! [Design: The Macnabs]
Reclaimed wooden planks create a cool accent wall [Design: Marisa Gonzalez Llanos]

Modern Living Rooms

Reclaimed barn wood or old planks of wood from the attic given a new lease of life might not always fit in seamlessly with the aesthetics of a contemporary living rom. If you are looking for a finish that is far more urbane and classy, the accent walls in redwood, cedar or other locally sourced woods make a good option. The idea here is to cut back of excesses and to keep the visual appeal of the wooden accent wall minimal even while allowing the natural grace of wood to shine through. The more neutral the living room is, greater will be the impact of this woodsy composition.

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Vertical redwood panels add class to the living room
Fireplace becomes a part of the accent wooden wall [From: Jeri Koegel Photography / Brandon Architects]
Marble and wood present contrasting textures
Modern living room with marble fireplace and wooden accent wall [From: Gordon Weima]

Finding the Right Style

Be it modern industrial, shabby chic, modern eclectic or farmhouse; irrespective of the style of your living room, a smart wooden accent wall fits in snugly. The finish, type of wood, texture and hue might have to vary depending on the subtle changes in the living room. But an accent wall in wood is a versatile addition that is bot neutral and dramatic at the same time. It can double as a relaxing backdrop and a beautiful focal point – doing all of this without ever trying too hard. Maybe this is precisely why it is the cool new trend that everyone is in love with!

Modern industrial living room with a gorgeous wood accent wall [Design: Sandberg Schoffel Architects]
Eclectic living room with coastal charm [From: Ashley Anthony Studio]

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