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IMM Cologne 2017: Celebration of Hottest Design and Décor Trends

Even as you try and shake off Holiday Season blues and the New Year buzz, it is already time for a grand celebration of the furniture and interior design trends that will define homes and offices in 2017. The first big décor fair of the year is here and like always there is plenty to look forward to at the extravaganza that is IMM Cologne 2017. Much like the historic German city, the spectacle of IMM Cologne also comes with a long tradition – a tradition steeped in décor goodness, cutting-edge design and an event that brings together the best in the interior design industry from all across the globe.

Exquisite Finnish design from HARTo

And as always, Decoist is here to ensure that our readers do not miss out on this delightful design carnival that stretches between 16th and 22nd of this month. We have weaved through the dazzling maze of astounding furniture, remarkable lighting fixtures, luxurious textiles and even model smart homes to bring you the very best from this year’s IMM Cologne.

New age bathroom and decor redefines your interior
Fabulous collection of luxurious fabric from Røros Tweed

Today, we take a look at the event in its entirety and get our feet wet while we share with you some of the most inspirational images that we managed to capture. It is a visual treat that you simply should not miss!

Wood is Beyond Good – Its Sensational!

One of the big furniture design trends of 2017 is undoubtedly the way in which top manufacturers and designers have so whole heartedly embraced wood. In a world where organic finishes and natural materials are making a rapid comeback, wood is definitely the absolute king of 2017 and this trend is likely to continue to last beyond the year as well! The likes of WOUD and Indonesia have made a big impact at this year’s show with their unique creations even as Ercol once again showed that it stills is as classic and relevant as ever!

Innovative use of wood by WOUD at IMM Cologne 2017
Indonesia brings trendy and fascinating new decor in wood – IMM Cologne 2017
Lighting and decor from Ercol at MM Cologne 2017
Organic finishes and natural materials hold sway at IMM Cologne 2017
Give your dining room or entryway the magic and warmth of wood
Wood is the hot new material set to rule the decor world in 2017

Lighting the Way Forward

When it comes to our absolute favorite at any design and décor fair, it is lighting that always leads the way. Maybe it is just the sheer brilliance of the illumination or the excitement of seeing a whole new world of pendants and lamps, but at IMM Cologne 2017 it is no different with the likes of Le Klint leading the way. Lighting fixtures have definitely become far bolder, quirky and one sees an underlying industrial theme almost everywhere. SkLO swept us off our feet with its fabulous pendants and lamps while Dizainar wowed with amazing use of both color and geometry.

Gorgeous lamps from Dizainar at IMM Cologne 2017
Handmade Bohemian glass lighting fixtures
Innovative pendant lights from Dizainar
SkLO showcases stunning light fixtures at IMM Cologne
Stylish table lamp in wood from BRDR KRUGER
Unique and sparling lighting fixture from DelightFULL
Colorful lamps from SkLO

Pampered by Brilliance

It is not very often that you have design and décor fairs where textiles tend to get their own special section and spotlight is cast on those snug and comfy delights. But at IMM Cologne, it is an annual tradition and this year is no different with colorful and luxurious textiles showcasing both hot color trends and cool patterns ready to take over homes in 2017. Røros Tweed holds you captive with high-quality wool products while Christian Fischbacher offers interior fabrics full of style and personality.

Latest trends from the textile world unveiled at IMM Cologne 2017
Luxurious and colorful textile display from Røros Tweed at IMM Cologne 2017
Upgrade the comfort level of your bedroom with comfy new textiles
Explore a world of fascinating textiles at IMM Cologne 2017
Fill your home with luxurious textiles this year – Decor trends from IMM Cologne 2017
Colorful and elegant way to add life to your living room

Undying Love for Scandinavian Design

Much like all things industrial, Scandinavian style and design philosophy has influence design and décor immensely in the last few years. There has been a revival of sorts with some of the forgotten masters from the region being rediscovered and reinterpreted by modern designers. IMM Cologne 2017 epitomizes this trend with light tones of wood, flowing Scandinavian design and Nordic inspiration pretty much shaping every single detail of the event. From Romanian firm UBI KUBI with its contemporary-Scandinavian furniture to the best from Stockholm – the capital of Nordic design, there is plenty to fall in love with here.

Decor from Romanian firm UBI KUBI at IMM Cologne 2017
Exquisite decor and contemporary furnishings from WOUD
Scandinavian design and decor inspiration from IMM Cologne 2017
Stylish Greenhouse for the eco-conscious home
Bedroom composition with a contemporary Scandinavian vibe
Bringing the best of Scandinavian design to IMM Cologne 2017

Office, Home and Organized Comfort

Another eye-catching feature of this year’s event is the focus on home office and office spaces in general and the way in which designers are making them far more efficient and organized. Modular cabinets, bespoke shelf designs, space-savvy desks and ergonomic chairs – the list of how you can upgrade your boring old office into an efficient and aesthetic space is almost endless. String particularly draws your attention with its ‘all white’ office composition while you simply do not want to miss Kubikoff’s hot new collection designed by Sander Mulder.

Kubikoff by Sander Mulder at IMM Cologne 2017
Modular file cabinets and storage units for the ergonomic office
Stunning contemporary home office on dispaly at the String Stand – IMM Cologne 2017
Trurn a corner in your home into a stylish home office
Eames Lounger, Panton Chair and sculptural lighting for the sensational office space
Industrial modern home office desik with a reclaimed appeal

Inspired already? This is just the beginning as over the next few days we will bring to you the very best of IMM Cologne 2017, its best décor delights, trendsetting furniture finds and a whole lot more. Stay tuned!

Photographs: © Decoist.com, 2017

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