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Wine House in Rugged Mexican Outback Where Metal Meets Concrete

Wine houses and storage spaces bring a certain amount of timeless charm along with them and take you back to some of the more pleasant memories of your life. A trip through win country can be rejuvenating in more ways than one. But this gorgeous Wine House in Mexico designed by Taller de Arquitectura Emocional offers a bit more than just that with its unique blend of concrete and stainless steel that pops out instantly when set against the rugged, natural backdrop. You can see the delicate being combined with the stoic in a seamless fashion here even as nature lends a helping hand!

Contemporary winery in Mexico in concrete and steel

The charming combination of traditional wooden elements and steel frame with modern concrete blocks and stainless, shipping container unit-styled structures bring both color and contrast to the setting. Each area has been designed keeping in mind ergonomics required for a proper wine house. Everything from the safe and cellar to crates and a whole lot more add to the atmosphere and there is no shortage of space for around 80 barrels in here. Smart gravity systems ensure that wastage of energy is kept down to a minimum and you have a wine house that charms you in every sense of the way. [Photography: Alejandro Candela]

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Ergonomic and practical design of the winery
Fabulous contemporary winery at the heart of Mexico’s wine country
Look inside the Wine House in Mexico
Various points of the landscape support the winery naturally
Wood, concrete and stainless steel blend in seamlessly at its exotic winery
Airy and spacious interior of the wine house

A dichotomy between subtlety and brutality, between lightness and heaviness. Constructive practicality was brought to the front with the positioning of its simple elements generating thresholds against the lateral boundaries of the property. An unexpected encounter on the hill, on a day when the metal rests on the concrete…

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Bright orange metallic containers add charm to the wine house
Concrete and stainless steel exterior of the wine house is a showstopper
Design plan of modern Wine House in Mexico

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