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Hot Trends: 20 Best Farmhouse Style Kitchens in White and Wood

Combining two currently hot trends to create a kitchen that is both elegant and efficient, the farmhouse style kitchen in white and wood is one you will instantly fall in love with. Most farmhouse style kitchens have an inherently warm and cozy appeal and with white added to the mix, you have a touch of modernity as well. Whether you prefer the modern farmhouse style kitchen with very little color and a more urbane appeal or one that feels timeless and classic with wood taking over the setting, this is a color scheme and style that is currently taking over kitchens across the globe.

Bar stools accentuate the wood and white appeal of the kitchen

The best farmhouse kitchens in white and wood are those with ample natural light thrown into the mix. This not only gives the kitchen a spacious and inviting aura, but also allows you to create a better fusion of styles and materials wherever needed. From the understated to the extravagant and from the space-conscious to the lavish, this is a look at the best inspirations around along with ideas on how to embrace the look in your own kitchen as well –

Finding the Right Balance

One of the important factors in shaping the perfect white and wood kitchen is to ensure that you get the balance between both these elements spot on. This largely depends on the style of the kitchen, the rest of the living area next to it and your own aesthetic preferences. In the farmhouse style kitchen, it is easy to veer towards wood more than white and this does make sense if you are opting to go down a more traditional path. For the modern farmhouse kitchen, darker tones of wood can be replaced by their lighter counterparts and white can create a backdrop that is picture-perfect. With cabinets and countertops already draped in wood, there is no shortage of farmhouse beauty here!

Cabinets and countertops bring woodsy element to the white farmhouse kitchen [From: Birdseye]
Farmhouse kitchen in white and wood is a trendy choice this year
Right balance of wood and white in the farmhouse kitchen with open shelving [From: Rocpal Custom Cabinets]
Smart farmhouse kitchen in white and wood with beautiful tiled backsplash [From: Layered Dimensions Interior Design]
White and wood kitchen with modern farmhouse style with ample natural ventilation
Bold pendants add metallic brilliance to the kitchen in white and wood [From: Leighanne LaMarre Interiors / Amanda Dumouchelle Photography]
Breezy farmhouse kitchen in white and wood has an understated beachy vibe [From: Plank & Pillow]

A Dash of Color

As always, just because you have a wood and white theme in the kitchen, it does not mean you have to shun color entirely. In fact, the wood and white backdrop allows pops of color to shine through even more brightly and you can easily change between these cleverly placed accents each week,month or even with a change of seasons. Something as simple as the napkins next to the sink, the vase on the kitchen island or even the pendant above it can add a dash of color without going overboard. Of course, those who love even more color can turn to drapes and rugs.

Small and space-conscious kitchen in wood and white with terracotta tiles
Spacious and well-lit farmhouse style kitchen in white and wood [From: PH Architects]
Tone down on the woodsy element to give the kitchen a more modern vibe [From: Grace Thomas Designs]
Adding color to the white and wood farmhouse style kitchen with brick and tiled sections [From: Rippy Homes]
Ceiling beams in black add a sense of dramatic beauty to the kitchen in white and wood
Light blue kitchen island fits perfectly into the wood and white theme

Décor, Ceiling and More

One of the trademark features of a beautiful modern farmhouse style kitchen is the wonderful way in which the wooden ceiling beams are highlighted to present a lovely picture. This becomes even more obvious visually in a kitchen that is otherwise completely white! Reclaimed and upcycled wood with all its knocks and a distressed finish is another fine choice for those who want to give their new kitchen a more aged look. This obviously makes the space eco-friendly as well! Add in bar stools, surfaces and cabinets in matching wooden finishes and you have the perfect green kitchen.

Finding the balance between modernity and farmhouse styles in the spacious white kitchen [From: Craig O’Connell Architecture]
Light wooden tones for the kitchen in white
Modern farmhouse style kitchen in white and wood brings the best of both worlds [From: Alisberg Parker]
Stunning farmhouse kitchen in wood and white with a ceiling that is a showsopper [From: Rosewood Custom Builders]
Bar stools add woodsy element to the kitchen in white
Ceiling beams and design of the kitchen accentuate its farmhouse appeal

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