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30 Vintage Kids Rooms That Stand the Test of Time

With all the hype surrounding modern and minimalist nurseries and kids rooms, decorating a kids room with vintage pieces almost seems a bit rebellious, but when you have timeless pieces that have been around for many years and have survived countless trends, you feel drawn to finding a place for them in your home. Turning your kids room into a vintage wonderland connects the feeling of tradition with the vision of a future. Take a look at these magical 30 vintage kids rooms and get inspired!

Old-Fashioned Charm

Wooden vintage cupboards can be an entryway into variety! The contrasting shades or dark brown and light beige will prevent the room from feeling monotonous and fill it with a unique rustic charm!

Gray rooms have a predisposition of feeling too simplistic, so they sometimes need an element with a hint of history and character. A vintage bed is more than suitable for a gray bedroom, considering older beds are very sustainable and have a classy, timeless look! Paired with the neutral color scheme, the entire room will be a marvelous blend of modern minimalism and ageless tradition.

To infuse the kids room with a feeling of familiarity, decorate it with a selection of rustic pieces. Wood is an element that feels warm and cozy, two characteristics that can be attributed to its natural look.

When you think of vintage you might not immediately think of a vibrant blue room, but it’s the elements within the room, such as the shabby gym locker and the little footstool, that infuse it with an old-fashioned charm!

While some rooms channel the vintage decor by making the best of a few outdated items, other rooms can be a complete reflection of the times past. This bedroom is ideal for kids who enjoy the retro interior to its full potential!

A bright and joyful all-white bedroom is an excellent setting for modern decor pieces, but thanks to its “blank canvas” quality, you can add in a vintage element or two and watch them define the tone of the room. The iron bed is a very eye-catching piece and an effective factor in determining the style of your child’s bedroom. Without it, the space wouldn’t carry such a strong antique energy!

A canopy goes a long way when you’re trying to capture the beauty of previous centuries. Paired with darker, peanut brown walls and chic vintage furniture creates a dreamy atmosphere perfect for kids who love to spend their days daydreaming away!

This bedroom combines the magnetism of coastal interior with the calmness of vintage furniture. The dance between the color of blue and creamy beige shades creates an interior that feels peaceful and steady!

Retro Color Palette

If your child craves variety and can’t get enough of colors, scout the flea market to find the best outdated pastel pieces! They will create a consistent but dynamic color palette that you can easily enhance with a bold red side table!

This bedroom radiates vintage perfection top to bottom! From wallpaper to the massive brown carpet, the room doesn’t shy away from embracing the old-fashioned style in its entirety! The only nod to modern times are the bright and lively orange curtains!

Siblings who share a room will appreciate you thinking of their need of some personal space within their bedroom. A beautiful vintage cupboard set between the two incredible iron beds is a great place to start!

Pastel colors are a great choice for parents who want to decorate their kids room in a trendy and unique style, with just a hint of nostalgia. The retro appeal of such a bedroom isn’t common among kids bedrooms and is more often observed in a 1950’s inspired kitchen – but with that said, it’s precisely the color palette which gives the room a one-of-a-kind styling that feels welcoming, childlike and cheerful!

Smaller rooms are almost meant to be styled in a vintage fashion. When the tiny size is combined with old-fashioned elements, the entire space gets a cozy atmosphere that feels like a personal little nook!

This bedroom is incredibly elegant and serene. The gentle gray color palette creates a calm and composed space that is a marvelous backdrop for a centerpiece consisting of a vintage bedside table and a white iron bed.

Hardwood floors and a chalkboard wall are both a reflection of the latest trends. If you still want your children to have some timeless pieces in their bedroom, choosing antique furniture does the trick!

Place a wooden crib with a traditional design in the center of a modern nursery to balance the interior and enhance the coziness of the space.

You’ll hardly find a more suitable setting for a vintage interior than a girly bedroom! Paint the walls on pastel mint and decorate the rest with some distinct vintage pieces, like the pink coat rack!

Shabby Chic Furniture

The combination of gray and pink is one of the most amazingly harmonious color pairings. It creates a sophisticated space with gentle energy. To avoid it becoming too polished, add in rustic wooden furniture!

The shabbier the furniture, the greater the hold vintage decor will have over the room! This particular bedroom pairs together mint and white, which results in a retro color palette and sets the bar for all the other pieces in the room!

This antique wooden bed is absolutely incredible! It’s the focal point of the room, which doesn’t mean we can look past the brilliantly put together wall gallery and two woven baskets on the floor. The entire setting feels unbelievably nostalgic!

If your child wants a room that feels sophisticated and consistent, the French-inspired decor is a must! Thanks to white furniture against the brown backdrop, all elements in the room are very visible and capture the true essence of vintage!

Vintage rooms were never ones to shy away from being colorful, even though many of them tend to be monocolored. The beauty of ageless pieces lies in their ability to make any space more welcoming and approachable. Whether you’re decorating a rustic or trendy room, you can always count on vintage furniture to bring unique magic into the space. From an old-fashioned kids bedroom to one that is utterly modern, vintage elements bring out the best in both, thanks to the diversity of colors they can be paired with!

From colors to neutrals! You can tell that the bed plays an incredibly defining role in these two bedrooms, which is not surprising – a bed has always been the item that dictates the interior and sets the rules for other pieces. If a bed is beige and vintage, the rest of the decor should follow! Implementing that philosophy, minimalism quickly and organically settles into the room, after you realize that one superior vintage piece per bedroom is just enough and there’s no need to clutter the neutral setting with unnecessary colorful items.

Mixing tradition with the latest interior flow is always a fun experience that results in a very balanced but versatile design that celebrates the comfort of rustic wooden elements, as well as the stylishness of popular wall art!

We’ve already mentioned vintage beds, cupboards and even wall decor, but we haven’t touched on toys yet! If you want to go all the way with your vintage kids room expedition, make sure you have some classic vintage toys to show off!

Luna Lupus

I write for decoist.

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