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Timeless Charm Meets Breezy Modernity at this Transformed Toronto Home

How do you turn an old a weary Victorian semi-detached home into a more modern and inviting dwelling that is perfect for modern life? Add to it a bundle of local building and zoning laws and the task just becomes that much more complicated. Sorting this conundrum with a creative and light-filled third floor extension in Toronto, Creative Union Network came up with the perfect solution that combines the modern with the timeless! The dashing extension to the home leaves the original street façade of the Victorian home completely untouched and you can only spot it from the aerial and rear views.

Street view of Victorian semi-detached home in Toronto with a modern rear extension
Street view of Victorian semi-detached home in Toronto with a modern rear extension

The new addition does much more than just add another balcony, kitchenette, bathroom and home office to the existing home. It brings a whole new aesthetic into the aging home as a series of glass walls, windows and skylights usher in ample natural light. With a predominantly white backdrop that is disturbed by just wooden shelves and surfaces, the smart addition feels fresh and minimal despite being set in the classic home. You can see a delightful mix of modernity and Scandinavian simplicity in here with a plush rug, indoor plants and fireplace in the corner adding color to the space.

Finding modernity inside the extension of classic Victorian semi-detached home
Folding glass door, windows and skylights bring the outdoors inside this white space
Gorgeous extension brings new space and light into the weary Victorian semi-detached home
New upper level of the Beaconsfield Renovation in Toronto
Skylight and triangular window bring ample natural light into the white upper level of the new extension

A distinct and innovative feature in here is the triangular window at the end of the addition that also acts as a Zen-styled nook as you look for an escape from the mundane. Sensible and creative, this is an extension that floors you with its unassuming charm! [Photography: Riley Snelling]

Third floor addition and extension of the house is carefully hidden from street view
Triangular upper level window of the home turned into a relaxing meditative nook
Upper level of the extended home with cabinets and shelves that offer ample storage space
View of the Beaconsfield Renovation in Toronto from above
Wooden vanity with white countertops and white walls all around in the bathroom
View of the revamped Victorian semi-detached house in Toronto before its renovation

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