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3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Velvet

Velvet sofas, chairs and headboards are some of our favorite top trends. But what if you want to incorporate velvet into your home on a smaller scale? If you’re on a budget, you’ll love today’s design ideas, which are affordable and very attainable. Plus, once you try a touch of velvet, you can always add more luxe velvet furnishings later in the game. The photos and products below will inspire you to decorate with velvet, embracing one of today’s most popular trends.

Round Pillows

When it comes to velvet pillows, there are MANY to choose from, as well as a range of shapes. Whether you place them on the sofa, the bed, or your favorite chair, you can’t go wrong with a splash of cushiness. We love round pillows because…they’re fun! The perfect compact statement, they feel both whimsical and decadent. Kip&Co offers an array of 100% cotton velvet round pillows, and the craftsmanship is as beautiful as the velvet itself.

Their current palette includes enticing shades such as Kombu Green Velvet, shown below:

On a vibrant note, Kip&Co’s Cinnamon Velvet Pea Cushion creates the perfect pop of orange. While you may think of rich jewel tones when you hear the word “velvet”, today’s offerings include a rainbow of colors. Don’t be afraid of vivid hues!

These Shelly Round Velvet Pillows from Urban Outfitters caught our eye awhile back, and they’ve proven to have staying power. Their scalloped look has a retro vibe, it can go boho, and it’s also perfect for those who love all things beachy and mermaid:

Round tufted velvet cushions

Urban Outfitters also offers different palettes, such as the crisp tones above and the intriguing vintage-style mix of gold, rose and teal, shown below:

Whether you feature your pillows in the living room, the den, the guest room or the bedroom, enjoy the process of experimenting with color combinations and pairings. This type of mix-and-match design could lead to bigger velvet purchases! Do we see a couch in your future?…

Ottomans and Poufs

If you’re liking what you see with the pillows and you’re ready to venture into small furniture territory, why not try a pouf?! Elegant and cushy, poufs and ottomans can punctuate your favorite chair or serve as extra seating in their own right. Since we just discussed round pillows, let’s shine the spotlight on the beauty of round ottomans! CB2’s Pleated Ottoman-Stool features a brass base. Available in blush or grey (as shown below):

ferm LIVING’s Round Poufs celebrate the beauty of lines and curves. A rich array of color options creates a jewel-toned palette in the stunning product photography below:

If you’re craving a grander velvet statement, the Large Grey Pouf will double as a coffee table, providing a surface for objets d’art, reading materials and more. When combined with other rich hues, a deeply decadent space results:

For a more oblong look, an Oval Pouf will bring lean style home. While ferm LIVING’s velvet poufs are a bit of an investment, they deliver a big return!

On a budget? Try a pouf from Urban Outfitters. Selections like the Kirstie Velvet Pouf (below) are under $100. Plus, this beauty showcases one of today’s top color trends: lavender.


Low to the ground and lovely, UO’s Amya Velvet Pillow Pouf will help you create the perfect reading nook or essential extra seating. Tufting adds a big dose of style.

Velvet Curtains

We’ve decked the seating with pillows and decked the floor with poufs, so how about decking the windows with velvet curtains?! An affordable way to bring a substantial slice of velvet to your space, curtains are a fun arena to spruce up with luxe fabric. And if you’re thinking they have to be heavy and dark, think again! Urban Outfitters offers a lovely velvet curtain palette that includes shades such as mint, orange and emerald, all shown below:

Not to mention, the curtains can be used as dividers to define specific areas of your home. For a more neutral option, check out CB2’s Velvet Graphite Curtain Panels, which also have the ability to reduce noise and darken the room if need be.

Below we see the way these curtains create a chic vibe in a dining area. Neutrals are punctuated by pops of gold, and the curtain panels add richness and sophistication:

If you’re a fan of deep tones when it comes to velvet, note that the panels are also available in navy. Nothing beats a stunning bedroom with thick sapphire curtains surrounding the window. Use them as a backdrop to the bed (they’re great for blocking the light.), or simply hang them on a wall without a window for a headboard alternative!

Are you ready to bring a touch of velvet to your space?…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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