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Keep Your Eye on These Top Design Trends for 2018

Here at Decoist, one of our favorite things about the new year is seeing new design trends blossom. This year has been especially interesting, as a few old favorites have come back in new and exciting ways. At the same time, big changes are afoot. For example, pink used to be confined to little girls’ rooms and grandma’s powder room, but then it made a comeback! It shows no signs of disappearing from our interiors, as a slew of new decor options in blush are lining the shelves and filling the floors of our favorite retailers. [photo below from H&M Home]

Rich blues and foral patterns from H&M Home

Then again, dark blue is emerging as a challenge to black, taking neutral style to a whole new level. Curious about other top design trends for 2018? Keep reading for tips and design pointers, complete with stunning product photos that just might put you in a shopping mood…

Popular Pink

Yes, millennial pink is here to stay. At least for now! Call it peachy-pink. Call it blush. The bottom line: it’s refreshing and uplifting. H&M Home definitely thinks so, as their new collection features a range of decor in this rosy hue. The Color-Block Cushion Cover on the couch below (the one with the metallic stripe) is a prime example:

A rosy vignette featuring comfy seating

This millennial pink kitchen also features tableware in dusty pink. The result: a rosy glow, punctuated with tropical accents.

Millennial pink kitchen with tropical accents

Also from H&M Home, the photo below features a dusty rose powder room with pink accents. Side note: the popularity of millennial pink has definitely inspired a whole spectrum of blush tones.

Dusty rose powder room with pink accents

A rich pink tone is the best part of Zara Home’s Round Nordic-Style Stool. Wooden legs provide an earthy yet modern contrast:

Rosy nordic stool with wooden legs

In fact, small accents in pink are a great way to incorporate this trend if you don’t want to be surrounded by shades of rose. Just one pink vase on the mantel will do the trick:

Ribbed pink vase with a large bloom

And for the slightest, softest hint of blush in the dining room, check out CB2’s Reveal Pink Dinnerware, made from porcelain (and SO picture-perfect for 2018)!

Pink dinnerware from CB2

Blue Is the New Black

The rest of the heading above should read “especially if it’s velvet”! Yes, this section of the post presents a two-in-one treat. Deep, rich blue is the perfect color to showcase the current popularity of velvet. Not to mention, it adds a welcome color variation to the more typical black and white neutral palette. In fact, a recent Vogue article featured a quote from designer Kathryn M. Ireland stating that “black and white is out—there will be a shift to dark blue and milky white.” We can’t wait to see that! In fact, here’s a sneak peek, starting with this Divvy Dusty Indigo Blue Rug from CB2. So blue it’s almost black!

Deep blue indigo rug

The same thing goes for this Channeled Navy Velvet Bedding, also from CB2. While there’s no white accent, the blue is a deep yet laid back hue that easily rivals black for the title of “top sophisticated neutral”!

Navy velvet bedding

Celebrate the beauty of blue and black together with this Rise Blue and Black Rug, which contrasts indigo blue with dark black in a wool flatweave design:

Blue and black modern rug

For the perfect blue velvet addition to your interior, check out CB2’s Navy Blue Velvet Dining Chair. Surround your table with this modern seating, or start with one as an accent piece in the room of your choice:

Navy blue velvet dining chair

Patterns Aren’t Just for Rugs

Looking to incorporate a bit of pattern into your interior but not sure where to start? Believe it or not, this year patterned furniture is making a big statement, yet the patterning is often monochromatic (and sometimes subtle), showcasing the materials rather than a range of colors. CB2’s new collection features an array of interesting patterned furniture finds, including this Avalon Rattan Bar, designed by Brett Beldock:

Also from CB2 is the Ivo Low Black Dresser, featuring a chevron pattern and metal pulls with a brass finish:

Black dresser featuring a chevron pattern

Diagonal lines for the win! When the pattern involves slanted rattan, it’s hard to resist. Say hello to the Elston Rattan Credenza, complete with a long, lean octagonal form:

Rattan dresser with a slanted pattern

Floral Fever

The new florals have attitude! They’re dramatic, they’re large in scale, and they’re a great way to bring decadent style home. As with the dark blue trend, florals look great when showcased in velvet fabrics or layered with other velvet pieces. Remember this photo from the top of the post (shown again below)?! Those floral cushion covers couldn’t be more on trend:

Rich blues and foral patterns from H&M Home

Speaking of cushions, CB2’s Black Flora Silk Pillow features a high-contrast design of silk peonies:

Black and white silk floral pillow

You don’t have to go with patterned fabric to get the modern floral look that’s so popular this year. Try displaying one or more large blooms in a deep-hued vase, like this AI Iridescent Bud Vase. Instant decadent floral style!

Modern floral style

Wall Hangings…with a Twist

Isn’t it fun when a trend has been around for a bit and it continues to evolve in new and unexpected ways? Wall hangings have come a long way since their macrame beginnings. Now a new geo style is going strong, along with some cheeky updates! For starters, Anthropologie’s Sunrise Wall Hanging features a cotton, brass and pine design by WKNDLA.

Modern geo wall hanging

Don’t be afraid to venture into chime territory, especially when the creations are as innovative as these Aura Chimes from Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. Side note: they’d also look great on the wall, although you’d miss out on their melodic sound!

Modern chimes from L&G Studio

Last but not least, how clever are these Sesame Street Bert & Ernie Woven Wall Hangings from The Land of Nod?! Can you tell which one’s Bert and which is Ernie? Kid-friendly style meets modern wall art:

Sesame Street wall hangings

We at Decoist wish you a design-fabulous 2018!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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