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A Study in Serenity and Simplicity: Urban Cabin in Seattle

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one craves to move away from the constant rush of urban life and the perpetual race with the clock. It is this desire for a simpler and more relaxed lifestyle that has inspired a retired couple in Seattle to turn to Suyama Peterson Deguchi in an attempt to downsize their contemporary home and turn it into a tranquil retreat surrounded by ample greenery. Inspiration behind this new structure was drawn from the silhouette of a picnic shelter in a forest, and it was translated to the modern setting using a simple roof and wall structure.

Street facade of the tranquil urban cabin built for retired couple in Seattle

It is this simplicity of design that gives the Urban Cabin its uniqueness and leaves ample space for the garden, the series of outdoor living spaces, and the ponds all around it. Creating a natural oasis amidst the urban chaos, the home seems to disconnect with the city landscape and gives its retired homeowners a delightful escape. A succession of glass walls and windows towards the west completely opens the home towards the garden and the curated landscape. It is the roof structure that also offers shade for the outdoor dining, living and kitchen spaces, as the interior seems like an extension of the greenery outside.

Series of minimal landcsape features and ponds surround the tranquil retreat

Sheltered terraces and outdoor spaces connect the interior with the lush green landscape around it

Series of windows and doors connect the gome with the serene private garden

Wood and stone shape the facade of the urban cabin

Indoor kitchen station extends outside to create an integration of both the spaces

Open living area with kitchen and dining inspired by simple cabin lifestyle

Tree branch used as a fabulous scultural addition in the living area

Draped in wood and stone, the street façade of the house offers complete privacy, even as the beautifully-lit ponds create an inviting and enchanting setting in the garden. The open plan living area with kitchen and dining plays second fiddle to the view outside, as one is drawn in by the magnetism and ingenuity of this urban cabin! [Photography: Michael Burns]

Bedroom with a window above the headboard that offers a view of the outdoors

Outdoor lounge and barbeque zone at the serene Seattle home

Dark metallic frames, extended roof and raised platform create a smart courtyard

Al fresco dining and relaxing hangour at the Urban Cabin in Seattle

Private yard connecetd with the bedroom

Gorgeous ponds surround the stylish modern cabin-styled home in Seattle

Modern Seattle home inspired by picnic shelter in the forest

Floor plan of serene urban retirement home in Seattle

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