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Easy Weekend Projects for Fall

It’s been a while since we’ve presented a DIY project roundup, and fall is the perfect time to gather design inspiration as the crisp chill in the air gives us a burst of creative energy. Do you find yourself inspired by the changing leaves and the cooler temperatures? Today’s post is for you! While many of these projects are perfect for a weekend at home, some are so easy, they can be created in an afternoon. Or even an hour! Keep reading for a collection of weekend projects that will infuse your home with modern style…

A Grand Entrance

We begin with a series of projects that create a design-fabulous path from the outdoors to the inside of your home. This Modern House Number Planter from A Beautiful Mess is part address plaque, part succulent planter. In fact, you can incorporate the plants of your choice! Blogger Elsie Larson cleverly selected faux succulents that will easily survive the cooler weather that fall and winter bring.

Modern address planter from A Beautiful Mess

Also from A Beautiful Mess is this outdoor patio lighting project, which is renter-friendly, thanks to the use of a tall planter, quick-dry cement, a metal pole, outdoor globe string lights, and a few other key supplies:

DIY outdoor lighting solution from A Beautiful Mess

Acrylic spray paint and a homemade stencil are your friends when it comes to this DIY Typography Doormat from Proper. It’s a subtle, modern and manicured way to welcome yourself home each day (and welcome your guests)!

Easy DIY doormat from Proper

Spruce up your entryway with these helpful suggestions from Paper & Stitch. A few simple additions such as pillows, plants, a display of artwork, and a new rug can make a big difference:

Entryway refresher ideas from Paper & Stitch

For the Walls

Fall is a time for turning your project ideas into reality! This DIY Copper Inspiration Board from Proper proves that wire racking and copper spray paint can be a game-changer for your home office:

DIY copper inspiration board from Proper

Keep summer alive all year long with these DIY Fruit Slice Shelves from A Bubbly Life. A wooden circle (cut in half), scrap wood, and craft paint are the main ingredients for this delicious project:

Fruit slice shelves from A Bubbly Life

Homey Oh My! has created this Double-Ring Wall Hanging, which couldn’t be easier to make. The effect is modern and minimal, yet somehow cozy (it must be the yarn!). So perfect for fall…

Wall hanging from Homey Oh My!

While we’re on the topic of wall art, here’s another fun idea that’s more of an afternoon project than a weekend one! Try spending a few hours with your favorite colored pencils and some free downloadable posters from Design Love Fest. This is a great way to add some retro style to your interior while getting in touch with your creative side:

Coloring posters from Design Love Fest

Fabulous Furnishings

From the walls to the furnishings that grace your interior, it’s time to shift gears and turn our attention to tables, seating, and a bed. Let this Thrift Store Shelf Makeover from A Bubbly Life inspire you to breathe new life into an old piece this fall…

Shelf makeover from A Bubbly Life

This DIY Media Console from HomeMade Modern can be completed in only 4 hours…and for the budget-friendly price of $65! Check out all of the details (including a helpful video) here:

DIY Media Console from HomeMade Modern

The Merrythought’s DIY Simple Bed Frame is clean-lined, fabulous, and easy to make! The look is modern and minimal in the best possible way:

DIY bed frame from The Merrythought

Also from The Merrythought is this DIY Woven Bench, which celebrates the beauty of wood and jute, plus the power of weaving:

Woven bench from The Merrythought

Decorative Details

We end today’s post with a collection of eye-catching projects that will put the finishing touches on your interior. These Naturally Dyed Shibori Pillowcases from Camille Styles celebrate the growing shibori trend while giving you a chance to beautifully embellish your sleeping space:

Shibori pillowcases from Camille Styles

There’s nothing like gearing up for fall with a good pumpkin project! These DIY Splatter Paint Pumpkins from Homey Oh My! can be enjoyed year after year, as they make use of craft pumpkins that will never spoil…

DIY splatter paint pumpkins from Homey Oh My!

Nothing is chicer for fall than this Simple Eucalyptus Arrangement from Hello Lidy. Bonus points if you place the greenery in an eye-catching container:

Eucalyptus arrangement from Hello Lidy

Display your vegetation on a glamorous pedestal with this DIY Lucite Plant Stand from A Beautiful Mess. It’s as easy as gluing three acrylic ring displays to the bottom of an acrylic circle. That’s right – you don’t have to cut a thing! With a little prep, you’re set.

Acrylic plant pedestal from A Beautiful Mess

HomeMade Modern’s Succulent Planter can be made in only one hour…for $10! There’s even a built-in drainage hole with a plug:

DIY succulent planter from HomeMade Modern

Now who’s ready to begin the new season with some DIY energy?!…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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