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Yoshi: Ultra-Modern Aesthetics Matched by Cutting-Edge Technology

A kitchen that is geared towards those who adore minimalism, refinement, and of course the ease of working in one of the most advanced kitchen environments on the planet – Yoshi from Arrital is as good as it gets! This smart kitchen comes with everything you need, can be customized to fit with your exact needs both in terms of space and functionality, and would seamlessly integrate with any contemporary living space or minimal dining area next to it. Essentially, Yoshi is all about bringing a touch of excitement to the contemporary kitchen space without moving away from clean, straight lines and uncomplicated form; something it accomplishes with flamboyance!

Multiple wooden finishes give you a variety of options to pick from

Available in four wooden finishes, the cabinets of this smart kitchen also offer you an opportunity to check out the new thermal structured material that brings a completely different texture to your interior. A variety of islands, worktops and cooking stations ooze sheer class as they provide a perfect balance between open display units and closed cabinets. With the wide array of cabinet designs on offer, you can completely utilize the vertical space in your kitchen, and even the tiniest urban apartments can benefit from the nifty nooks that conceal your kitchen appliances.

Fabulous kitchen composition with a fireplace and smart serving area

Steel, wood and polished surfaces come together inside modern kitchen from Arrital

Yoshi with Texas Oak and Mat Clay on the wall units

Classy, contemporary kitchen with brilliant lighting

Space-saving features of the Arrital kitchen on display

Stunning Yoshi kitchen from Arrital with a captivating central island and workstation

Thermo Structured Kitchen Yoshi from Arrital

Topping it all off is a blend of LED strip lighting, beautiful ambient lights that set the mood, and of course a pendant or two of your choice, creating a truly captivating contemporary kitchen. Sophisticated, space-savvy and stunning, Yoshi opens up a whole new world of possibilities that would completely transform your experience in the kitchen and beyond!

Open shelf unit separates the kitcehn from the rest of the open plan living

Smart cabinets with custom handles for the sleek, contemporary kitchen

Aesthetic compositions of Yoshi adapt to your specific needs

Long kitchen island in white with open shelves

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