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Twin-Level Ultra Tiny Apartment in Tel Aviv with Walls of Cabinets All Around!

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36 square meters of space is not much to work with. But this small, twin-level apartment in Tel Aviv makes things work with a smart, space-savvy design that offers plenty of flexibility. Created for the lifestyle of a bachelor navigating the urban life, this revamped apartment is set in a building that was once used as commercial space. Poorly placed walls and interior partitions inside the apartment were done away with and the new dual level has one floor sitting well above street level and the other just below. Each floor offers something different and smart brick wall sections and wooden surfaces add further visual and textural contrast.

Steps leading to the lower level bedroom with ample storage options, while the hanging macrame planters allow for greenery without taking up precious floor space

Nitzan Horovitz Architectural Design studio split the floor plan into two distinct zones; one on the lower level housing the private space and the other on the upper level holding the more public areas. Each one embraces a series of built-in shelves and cabinets in white Formica and black stripes that give visual continuity throughout the interior. The bedroom, bathroom and a small study sit on the lower level with the upper floor containing the kitchen, dining area and living space. Two different staircase sections lead to each of these areas and the overall flow and distribution is seamless. [Photography: Oded Smadar]

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Master bedroom on the ground level with bathroom next to it features a Murphy bed to maximize space
Split level design of the tiny Tel Aviv apartment with white formica storage units
Upper level living area of the small Tel Aviv apartment with space-saving design
View of the Great Small Apartment in Tel-Aviv from the entrance
Black of the staircase adds charm to the wood and white setting
Black stripes, metallic beams and accents anchor the white and wood master bedroom

The stairs which are an important motif, paved with graphite porcelain tiles. The rest of the floor was covered with natural oak parquet. Moreover, three main materials stand out in the house – parquet, gray tile, and white Formica. The goal was minimal materials and simplicity in design.

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Small desk with gold wall light can be used as a workspace as well
Gorgeous contemporary kitchen with white Formica finish and a black stripe
Interesting brick wall section of the apartment adds visual contrast
Storage cabinets in white with black lining are spread all across the bedroom
Space-Savvy design plan of tiny apartment in Tel Aviv across two different levels

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