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Smart Solutions: 25 Kids’ Study Rooms and Spaces that Beat Boredom

Few spaces are more difficult to design than the kids’ room. For those who do not have kids in their home, it is simply a process that one cannot explain in words! It requires loads of patience, an ability to try out something new, to adapt and of course plenty of design flexibility. For those decorating the kids’ room on a budget, things get even trickier. Gone are the good ol’ days when our parents simply put us in a room with our siblings and asked us to make the most of it. Today’s kids’ rooms need to act as play areas, study zones and much, much more. We focus on one of these aspects today with gorgeous homework station and study space ideas for the modern kids’ room.

Red and a love for aeronautics steals the show here! [From: Wynne Taylor Ford]

Every kids’ room is different much like the kids themselves and demands different aesthetics and ergonomics. In the shared kids’ room, this takes an entirely different turn. From the stylish modern study spaces that sit right next to the bedroom to exclusive study areas away from the bedroom, here is a look at the best and trendiest ideas around. Enjoy the fun-filled and space-savvy ride –

Making a Style Statement

The small study space in the kids’ bedroom needs to adapt to the existing style of the room and with the right décor choices and spatial solutions, one can achieve this with ease. In the modern industrial kids’ room a desk with industrial vibe is something that comes in mighty handy. If you do not want to go down this route, then pick one in white and with traditional design to make sure it blends with the rest of the room. A similar workstation also feels apt in the shabby chic bedroom in white or pink while a touch or ornate elegance serves you well in the princess-themed girls’ bedroom.

Pink with a dash of chic never fails to work its magic in the girls’ room [From: Provanti Designs]
Scandinavian style kids’ room with study space right next to the bed [From: Cathie Hong Interiors]
Study in the contemporary kids’ room with ample storage and shelf space [From: Finch London]
Absolutely gorgeous kids’ room with industrial chic style and a space-savvy study [From: Mike Van Tassell Architectural Photography]
Eclectic teen bedroom with plenty of space for books and a smart study area [From: Turnstyle Design]
Even the room of your little princess can use a study space!

An Infusion of Color

A neutral backdrop for the workstation allows you to use seasonal accents with greater ease and this fall, try out colors like orange and navy blue to give the workstation an identity of its own. The study space in the kids’ room also benefits from colors that are repeated elsewhere in the setting and you can use a common color scheme to link the newly added study space with the rest of the room; even if there are small stylistic differences.

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Modular shelving along with smart desk for the trendy kids’ room
Space behind the bed along with the large shelf is used for study
Super fun kids’ study area embraces colorful minimalism
Teen bedroom with study area can be easily turned into an adult bedroom
Wall of books along with table for the kids’ study room [From: CWB Architects]
A homework station that becomes part of the bedroom decor with ease!

Shared Study Zones

We love shared study zones as they simply seem like space that ooze with more creativity. The shared study is the perfect homework space for all your kids and in a home with an army of kids (sometimes even three kids can feel like an army to handle), these areas allow them to spend quality time together even while getting work done. Placing it next to your own home office or kitchen is even better as it allows you to do your own stuff while keeping an eye on the little ones. Be it in the bedroom itself or in the corner of the living area, shared study zones come in mighty handy.

Keeping the workstation minimal while allowing the background to shine through
Kids’ room with multiple homework stations and a music area
Move the beds above to create space for a study below!
Smart homework zones on opposite sides in the shared kids’ room
Smart twin workstation idea for the shared kids’ room
Custom designed furniture along with ample space for the spacious kids’ study room [From: Ellen Grasso & Sons]

Working with Limited Space

We understand the constraints of space in the small kids’ room and this is where the loft beds with space underneath for the study come to your rescue. Corner beds also free up the reminder of the room for the spacious study desk while custom desks that can be folded away when not in use are also a great, space-savvy option.

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Pops of yellow and orange enliven this kids’ homework zone
Room with shared beds in the corner leaves ample space for a study table
Space-savvy and easy to add homework station for the small kids’ room
Turn the space underneath the loft bed into a study zone [From: Leslie Cotter Interiors]
Even the tiniest of rooms can feature a lovely homework zone
Pick a study unit that matches the style and theme of the bedroom

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