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Space-Savvy Design: Tiny Home Workstations that Pack Quite a Punch

An efficient, aesthetic and dedicated home office is a great addition to the modern home and an absolute necessity for those who work from home on a daily basis. But for many others who spend no more than an hour or two each week sorting through stuff, checking and receiving mails and ironing out other details over their laptops, a dedicated home office is indeed a complete waste of space. The room can be put to better use in many different ways while any small corner in the bedroom, living room, kitchen or even the hallway can be turned into a smart workstation.

Bontempi Casa combines marble and wood to create a cool workdesk

It is such versatile, unassuming and yet practical workstation designs that we bring to you today. Some of these rely on slim and elegant desks while others tend to turn to floating counters and smart shelving to provide a simple workspace. The best part of it all is that many of these designs can multitask with ease and there are times when you will never feel as if you are sitting at a home workstation. It is all about maximizing space while serving your specific needs perfectly –

The Smart Desk

Even if you do not spend endless hours on a laptop, having a small work desk at home is a smart choice. You can spend time at the desk to fill out a few forms, pay bills, spend some time browsing through things or even flip through a few important files every now and then. And in case there comes the odd day when you need to bring your work home, you already have a great spot to get it all done! Modern work desks are pretty slim, come with plenty of options in terms of storage compartments and many of these desk can easily fit into the smallest of corners as well.

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Wooden desk with built-in cabinets offers ample storage space

Wooden desks are increasingly becoming the most popular choice with their warm, inviting appeal, midcentury modern form and textural beauty adding to the charm of a contemporary interior. Those who want something spunkier can think of stylish, colorful desks that are ultra-minimal as well. Just use one of your dining table chairs even a smart bar stool from the kitchen and you have a fabulous work area in the short term.

Innovative desk from Unica Collection for the space-savvy workzone
Touch of orange for the workdesk from Pianca

Living Room Workspaces

If you detest bringing work into the bedroom, then living room workspaces are a wonderful alternative. You do not need really much here as a simple floating shelf at the right height can do the trick. Pull up a chair and you are pretty much set! This might not sound like much, but for those who just spend 15 to 20 minutes in front of their laptop at home, you really do not need anything more elaborate. The only constraint here is lighting and the right pendant or table lamp, can solve this conundrum as well.

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Smart, modular shelving that is wall-mounted also offers a cool work surface when needed
Space-savvy workstation design from Hulsta
Turn the corner of the entertainment wall into a simple workzone
Comfy chair turns the floating shelf into an ergonomic workstation

Lighting for Small Home Workstations

As we talked about earlier, lighting play an important role in completing even a makeshift workspace at home and with the right lighting, a simple floating shelf or cabinet coupled with a dining room chair can be turned into an impressive workstation. Pendants are undoubtedly the favorite if you have both the space and the budget to spare. They offer perfect task lighting and double as stylish fixtures that add to the appeal of the living room, bedroom or even hallway during daytime. If pendants for the tiny workstation seem a bit too much, then a simple table lamp or even LED strip lighting work just fine.

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Shelves act as room dividers while the desk provides a space-savvy workspace
Slim floating wooden plank can turn any space into a workzone
Pendants and smart work desk turn the corner into a productive zone

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