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Trending Dining Room Styles for Summer and Beyond: 20 Ideas, Inspirations

There is little surprise in the way dining rooms have evolved in the last few years with the exclusive dining room giving way to more casual spaces. The new dining areas feel like an extension of the living room on one side and the kitchen on the other – the idea of the social kitchen becoming increasingly popular among all. But that does not mean you can neglect the modern dining area and the many aesthetic and functional benefits that it brings. And the best way to give the dining room an upgrade this summer is by giving it a style makeover that makes it even more special!

Stunningly beautiful modern beach style dining room in dark blue and white

The most popular dining room styles this season combine modern flavor with timeless charm in an effortless manner to offer the best of both worlds. From the breezy beauty of beach style that never goes out of fashion to colorful tropical overtones that bring brightness to pretty much any open plan living, the most impressive dining room styles are ones that feel fresh and innovative. Try them out and give your existing dining area a brand new look this summer –

Stylish Shabby Chic Spaces

If there is one style that seems to give any room it adorns a cheerful, casual and inviting vibe, then it is undoubtedly shabby chic. It is a style that has feminine undertones to it and with the right use of décor and accessories, you can make it even more special. White is the color of choice for the background here and this works well as most modern dining rooms are already draped in this hue. Transitioning from modern to shabby chic is an experience you will relish in the dining room and beyond!

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Fabulous shabby chic dining room with floral beauty and pops of pink
Tiny shabby chic dining room can be used in more ways than one
Bright and beautiful shabby chic dining room full of color
Casual shabby chic style dining room with a bit of eclectic appeal [From: Hi home]

Relaxed Beach Style

Another style that easily blends with a modern white backdrop is the beach style. With blue being a popular color as summer rolls in, giving the dining room a smart, modern beach-inspired look is ever easier. Add coastal-themed accessories and motifs inspired by nautical style for a dining room that is even more ‘beachy’ in its look. With the right among of natural lighting and a view to match, you can create a sensational dining room that never dissapoints.

Perfect breezy beach style dining room with connectivity to the outdoors
Rattan and bamboo bring natural charm to a beach style dining room
View of the the ocean and the sunset makes this beach style dining room even more special
Every beach style dining room requires the right amount of natural light
Exquisite gallery wall idea for the relaxed beach style dining room
Light-filled beach style dining room in white with pops of blue [From: Gina Sims Designs]

Exquisite Tropical Dining Rooms

Want to move away from all the modernity and white? Then may we suggest a path full of color, pattern and vivacious brilliance – tropical style at its brilliant best. This is a style that not only is ideal for summer months, but fills a monotonous modern home with unexpected burst of color and creativity. From banquet style seating in bold yellow to walls in green and purple, no color feels out of place here. Add to this a few indoor plants and things start feeling even more exciting.

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Purple unites the tropical dining room with kitchen next to it in the same hue
Yellow banquet style seating steals the show in this tropical style dining room
Classy dining room combines beach style with tropical elegance!
Gorgeous green tropical style dining room [From: Rachel Loewen Photography]
Natural greenery is the perfect way to bring tropical touch to the modern dining room

Rustic Chic Makes a Comeback

If you have been flipping through the many design and decorating trends for 2019, then you will notice that the general theme for the year is styles that are ‘close to nature’. Rustic chic makes this possible with a balanced blend of the natural and the modern. Wooden ceiling beams, floors and cabinets find space here next to polished modern dining tables and chairs. Depending on how ‘rustic’ you want the dining room to be, you can tone up or tone down the use of wood while contemporary functionality makes the space efficient.

Giving the classic rustic motifs in the dining room a modern twist
Rustic chic dining room blended with farmhouse flavor
Use the rustic chic style with seasonal twists for a great dining room that stays relevant all year long
Finding the right balance between rustic and modern elements in the dining room

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