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Top Winter Color Trends to Embrace: Time for a Bright Makeover!

Finding the right color for each season can make a big difference to the overall appeal of your home interior. Sure, there are times when the simple neutrals coupled with usual pops of color work well and manage to create a decent interior all year long. But for those looking to hop on the global trend wagon and trying to improve the aesthetics of their home this winter, there are several bright and brilliant colors that come to your rescue. Top winter color trends for 2020-21 combine interesting neutrals with some of the most captivating bold hues, to offer the very best of both worlds.

White and wood combined with brilliant pops of deep blue and yellow in the modern open plan living space [From: AXIOME Interior Design]

There are several different ways in which you can invite new hues into your home. Often, changing of accent pieces and decorative additions is the easiest route forward. But, there are many homeowners who prefer to go all out and alter the color scheme of the room itself for a more fashionable home. No matter which path you intend to take, these color trends are sure to give the fall-burdened home an uplifting and even merry makeover!

Explore Various Shades of White

Yes, we understand your trepidation about this idea. In many parts of the world, the scenery outside is already draped in white and adding the color to your living space or bedroom might just feel boring. But explored different tones, shades and hues of white and coupled them with other light and pastel colors for a charming, inviting and light-filled interior. This approach maximizes the available natural light, gives the room a spacious vibe and allow you to try out other trendy colors as smart accents. You can even embrace the popular white and wood color scheme in here with wood taking bit of backseat.

Wood and white bedroom where blue bedding ushers in a hint of color [From: dalgleish]
Wooden beams provide warmth to this stylish bedroom in white
It is white that sets that mood in this beautiful modern Mediterranean bathroom with geometric floor tiles [From: Hearth Homes Interiors]
Lovely little living room in white with a beautiful fireplace is just picture-perfect [From: Unique Homestays]
Red and white pattern of the bedding adds color to the cozy bedroom
White and wood combined with brilliant pops of deep blue and yellow in the modern open plan living space [From: AXIOME Interior Design]

Jewel-Toned Blues

If there is one color that you can depend on all year long, then is definitely blue. But the shade of blue that you choose might vary with changing seasons. If summers demand light, breezy blues and vivacious turquoise hues, then winter is the time when you add deep, gorgeous blues and jewel-toned shades that steal the spotlight almost instantly. Sapphire blue is a hit every single time and combining these brilliant, bright blues with the simple white background we discussed earlier makes for an even more impressive look. Do use these colors in moderation though and make sure they are not a bit too overwhelming.

Dazzling blue with white and greens is the perfect look for the winter living space
Jewel-toned blue walls are a welcome addition to the home this winter [From: Tracy Murdock]
Radiant blue wall is just perfect for this white living space with home office [From: Custom Design & Construction]
Blue all around makes a difference to this stylish modern interior [From: B Fein Interiors]

Ravishing Rich Reds

This is color trend that has been coming for a while now and in the winter of 2020-21, deep, dashing reds are bound to be the biggest attraction. We are talking about burgundy, maroon, deep red, carmine, burnt red and the many hues of Crimson. This is a color that is usually popular this time of the year, every year! This time though, the many brilliant pops of red will outlast the change of year and you will still find them all around you even as you step into early spring. Be it a brilliant accent wall, the headboard in the bedroom, vases in the corner or kitchen backsplash with a difference – thing dark reds this winter.

Contemporary burgundy bedroom is an absolute visual treat [From: Adelene Keeler Smith Interior Design]
Dark red accents brighten this bedroom in white and deep gray [From: Musso Design Group]
Stunning burgundy accent wall transforms this Californian bedroom in neutral hues [From: BEHR]
Discover a shade of deep and rich red that you absolutely love

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