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Bedroom Designs Taking Over In 2021: Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate in the New Year

As 2020 comes to a close, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to fresh beginnings and to hope that the next 12 months are considerably better than the last 12. One of the biggest reasons why we are excited about change of year (much like change of seasons), is the fact that we get to embrace new trends and ideas that revitalize our homes. For some, it is all about altering the smaller details in the room – accent pillows, vases, decorative pieces, rugs and more. For others, it can be a much more dramatic shift in style and color scheme of the entire room itself. If you are looking for ways in which you can upgrade your bedroom for 2021, then here are the trends that lead the way –

Find a place for the TV above the fireplace in the bedroom

Bedroom is a space where we can be ourselves; much more than anywhere else in the world. It is a safe refuge – even more so in the times of a global pandemic that has forced us all to spend majority of our time indoors. With 2020 bringing new hope and signs of fresh beginnings that take us away from the nightmare that has been 2020 (for most of the world), bedrooms also reflect this ideology. From Pantone’s Colors of the year that add a smart modern twist to the bedroom to nature taking center-stage, there is plenty in here to fall in love with. Step in and discover what trends are going to dominate the bedroom in the next 12 months.

Get Comfortable with Neutrals

It is barely a surprise that neutrals are going to continue their trend at the top of the bedroom color schemes chart for another year. We all want a bedroom that is relaxing, modern and soothes our senses. As we alluded to earlier, tougher times generally mean people are looking for more of this comfort in the bedroom and neutrals are the perfect way to usher in this vibe. From different shades of white and gray to gentle pastels and ultra-light yellows, think of hues that are charming and easy-on-the-eyes.

Gorgeous modern rustic bedroom in wood and white with a hint of Green thrown into the mix [From: Indigo design]
Very light pastel hues coupled with white to create a relaxing and chic bedroom [From: Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods]
Combine smart neutrals with a beautiful accent wall for a more balanced look in the modern bedroom
Cozy textures, indoor plants and neutrals help create the perfect modern bedroom

Gray and Yellow Inspirations

Looking for a color scheme that will be popular in 2021 beyond just neutrals coupled with a hint of woodsy charm? At this moment, it is safe to say that the combination of gray and yellow will come in a close second thanks to Pantone. It is an easy enough combination to pull off in most modern bedrooms and you will not have to alter the backdrop of a gray bedroom dramatically to embrace this look. Do feel free to move away from the chosen shades of the colors and explore those that you love the most.

A bedroom color scheme that you will see more and more in 2021 – yellow and gray [From: TY Larkins Interiors]
Balanced use of yellow and gray in the spacious modern bedroom [From: The Jones Company of TN]
Bedding is used to add yellow and gray to the modern neutral bedroom along with the smart rug [From: Green Basements & Remodeling]
Combine yellow and gray with white for a dashing contemporary bedroom
Gray and yellow are definitely colors of the year as we head into 2021

Nature Comes Indoors Again

The last decade has seen a slow but steady shift away from polished, man-made surfaces to finishes that are far more organic and natural. 2021 is no different and in the bedroom, nature is going to play a big influence in shaping everything from the ambiance to the décor. Rattan, wicker and bamboo furniture can replace traditional wood décor while indoor plants and curated murals with nature-centric prints are set to takeover in bedrooms across the globe. If you are blessed with a bedroom that opens up to stunning natural views, then even better!

Allow the world outside to bring color into the bedroom along with freshness [From: Lasley Brahaney Architecture]
Finding innovative ways to add greenery to the small modern bedroom with lovely views of canopy outside
Large indoor plant in the corner makes a big difference to the bedroom
Picture-perfect bedroom with relaxing beach style [From: Wendy Mauro Design]
Showcase your love for nature in the bedroom with an indoor plant that makes a difference [From: Virtual Studio Innovations]

A Minimal Bed Frame

Minimal and understated, the platform bed has been a popular choice cutting across style constraints for a while now. This is only going to become an even more sought-after option in the next few years with traditional bed frames being replaced by those that are far more minimal and unique. Headboards with a live-edge combined with these ultra-simple bed frames and bedside tables that match their low-slung look should create a bedroom that feels much more casual and yet engaging.

Understated and minimal platform bed frame allows other additions in the room to shine through [From: Walker Architects]
Lighting in the backdrop makes the biggest impact in this relaxing, minimal bedroom [From: Zegadi]
Minimal bed framed with storage is perfect for this exquisite bedroom with contemporary style [From: cityhomeCOLLECTIVE]

Nautical Influences with a Twist

Colors, décor choices and central pieces – we have seen the leaders in each category for bedroom trends in 2021 so far. But when it comes to styles, we believe nautical is going to make a strong comeback in the next few months. Sure, styles like Scandinavian and modern will still be popular. But those on the search for something different should definitely give nautical influences a try. Combine them with the modern bedroom for a balance between the two.

Natural finishes, neutrals and smart accents create a fabulous nautical-styled bedroom [From: Chango & Co]
Blue and orange accents added to the neutral bedroom to usher in nautical style [From: Schell Brothers]
Different accents and patterns usher nautical touches into the bedroom [From: Shiplights]

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