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Think Vertical: Small Madrid Home Gets an Inventive New Upper Level

It is amazing how constrained our imaginations can be because of the way the world around us shapes our perceptions. When it comes to interior design and space, many homeowners tend to only look sideways and rely on a variety of space-savvy features and modular décor solutions to make the most of the limited square footage. Yes, these smart solutions do work well almost always. But the amount of ‘new space’ that they can add to a home is very little even when you really crank up your creative side. Instead, this ingenious ground-level apartment in Barcelona looks in an entirely different direction to discover new space – towards the ceiling! UP House designed by cumuloLimbo studio in Madrid feels cheerful and unique.

Glass walls and skylights bring natural light into the new living space and kitchen

A new mezzanine style upper level of the home supported by six steel structures sits in between the living area and the bedroom of the house. The vertical addition perfectly delineates the public and private spaces – creating two large, double-height area on both the side. It is the bedroom section that is draped in recycled plywood while the kitchen, dining space and living space have a more modern industrial vibe with white, exposed wood and metallic surfaces all around.

Industrial modern home with a new upper level that adds additional space
Innovative new mezzanine level transforms UP Apartment in Madrid
Metal, brick and polished blue wall combine to create a gorgeous bathroom that is unique
Polished black and white single-wall kitchen idea inside the ground level Madrid apartment
Recycled plywood on the walls adds an eco-friendly modern tinge to the home
Sliding barn-style door for the modern industrial kitchen with blue accent wall

With the apartment sitting on the ground level, natural ventilation was a defining factor in the renovation. Large glass walls along with a glass roof section on one side and a ceiling vault with mirrored finish on the other ensure that every room in here gets ample natural light. Edgy, imaginative and still staying true to its industrial past, this Madrid home has it all. [Photography: Javier de Paz García]

Awesome ceiling vault with mirrored finish reflects light and eliminates any dark corners
Awesome ceiling vault with mirrored finish reflects light and eliminates any dark corners
Beautiful modern industrial bathroom with plenty of pattern and textural contrast
Closer look at the bathrooms and bedrooms of the revamped Barcelona home
Creative new additional level of the house brings both smart functionality and cool aesthetics to the home
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