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Small 29 Sqm Studio Apartment in White is a Super Stylish Space-Saver

College life is a journey none of us can forget and it is also a time that teaches us how to live on our own for the very first time. Dorm rooms are often the most preferred choice by many who start out studying away from home. Yet, getting an own apartment is the first real step towards independence – no matter how small it is. The feeling of excitement that you get as you step into your little rented apartment is one that we definitely still cannot forget after all these years. This ultra-small and yet super-stylish 29-square-meter apartment in Milan is one we definitely wish we did rent back in those times!

Small Studio apartment for students to rent in Milan has a space-savvy modern design

Designed by Annalisa Carli Architetto, this Milan apartment in white has more than a few space-savvy delights that we can all draw inspiration from. For starters, the background in here is just perfect as the monochromatic white walls disturbed only by odd splash of light blue ensure the interior feels a lot larger than it really is. Then you have the loft bed that sits to one side above the living area and even the box-style steps leading to it double as a lovely shelving unit. A sectional in gray defines the living area while acrylic chairs in the dining room disappear into the backdrop.

Fabulous backdrop of the living room gives you the impression of a lovely view outside the window
Imaginative bed sees the loft bedroom being placed above the living area
Just a dash of blue with accent wall feature and throw pillow adds color to the tiny interior
Small bathroom in white with pops of blue and dark gray
Small, monochromatic kitchen in white with an interesting backsplash that has blue and gray

Series of cabinets that offer ample storage space, a works area under the loft bed, single-wall kitchen in white and a small bathroom with blue and dark gray accents complete this apartment for rent in Bocconi neighborhood. A fabulous little studio apartment that wows with nifty spatial solutions!

Staircase leading to the loft bedroom doubles as shelving unit
TV in the corner, loft bed steps turned into an open shelf and custom cabinets with ample storage in the living area
Acrylic chairs in the dining room add to the spacious design which is light and bright
Acrylic chairs in the dining room add to the spacious design which is light and bright
Comfy sectional in dark gray for the small apartment living room with very limited space
Design plan of Studio Apartment for Students in Milan
Sherry Nothingam
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