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Secluded Outdoor Conversation Pit Surrounded by a Wall of Green

There are parts of or past that we all want to relive (and some we would rather not) and then there are things from our past that remind us of the good ol’ times. There are many architectural and design features that do the same. When it comes to the 70’s and 80’s, bright colors, floral prints and wallpaper with dramatic pattern come to your mind first. But one feature from those times that seems to be making a comeback of sorts in the last few years is the classic conversation pit. Whether you wish to call it the sunken lounge, the conversation pit or the cozy hangout that sits slightly lower than the space around it, this cozy setting is once again a trendy choice.

Sunken patio becomes private outdoor conversation pit with a gorgeous fireplace and comfy seating
Sunken patio becomes private outdoor conversation pit with a gorgeous fireplace and comfy seating

And that is just what you get at the gorgeous Hillside Garden where the landscape around the house feels far more important than the residences itself. Created by Wittman Estes Architecture + Landscape, the green gardens, backyard and outdoor living spaces in here feel relaxing, modern and offer a secluded, comfortable refuge. In the heart of all this greenery is a beautiful and spacious conversation pit – one that acts as a private patio where one can host friend and family with ease. With a fireplace, custom ipe wood seats and wall of green all around, the sunken patio is the showstopper in this yard!

Cozy conversation pit with fireplace at its heart and a green wall all around
Custom ipe wood benches and cushions create a lovely outdoor sitting area
Deck of the house in wood with staircase that leads to the sunken patio below
Greenery all around the conversation pit makes a big visual impact
Lantern style lighting for the garden and patios around the house

Outside, a new stairway in metal and concrete along with a bespoke mailbox in metal welcome guests gleefully. Simple outdoor cushions, lantern-style lighting and fabulous views just beyond complete this exquisite sunken delight! [Photography: Miranda Estes]

New post box of the house with custom metal design also displays the number
Steel and concrete steps welcome you into the lovely home and series of patios around it
Streetview of the house with Hillside Garden along with the new metallic postbox
Sunken patio and fireplace create a lovely outdoor hangout that can be used to host guests and friends

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