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Tiny 34sqm Apartment Blends Space-Savvy Design with Scandinavian Style

An urban second home that can be used by friends and family while providing a source of relaxation and recreation, the design of Igralnaya aims to combine modernity, Scandinavian design inspiration and space-savvy brilliance that leaves you mesmerized. The uber-small 34-square-meter apartment was designed by Geometrium to maximize space at every turn without compromising on aesthetics and comfort. A small hallway welcomes you here, and the many space-saving delights already kick into action with shelves for shoes, hangers for your coats and additional racks that help tuck away anything else you might be carrying. A small bench and sliding doors ensure that this tiny hallway seems both inviting and organized.

Colorful and space savvy entry of Igralnaya designed by Geometrium

Step in further, and it is the turn of the unique living room – bedroom combination that drives home the Scandinavian style that was a must for the homeowners. A Bio-fireplace with surrounding shelving becomes the focal point of the room on one side, even as an elevated deck-style platform contains the daybed, bean bags and additional décor. A hideaway bed that disappears into the platform offers additional sleeping space, with a projector turning the whole area into a cool home theater when needed.

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Scandinavian design and style inspire the design of this small, urban apartment

Podium style elevated living room and bedroom that makes for great TV and cinema viewing

Gorgeous and space-savvy built-in Bio-fireplace in the living room

Bed that slides out and an additional daybed along with bean bags provide ample relaxation space

Gorgeous small kitchen with unique tiled backsplash

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Tiles bring 3D style to the tiny kitchen in white

With a sofa, window seat and dining area, the small kitchen is much more than just a space for preparing food and doubles as a relaxing social hangout. The ingenious use of tiles in both the kitchen and bathroom adds textural beauty and geometric pattern to each space, while the small balcony offers a tiny workspace and a smart sofa that combines work with a private place to rest and rejuvenate.

Tiles in the shower area provide visual and geometric contrast

Bathroom in gray with shower area and tiny vanity

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Small home workspace in the balcony

Balcony hangout for the small modern apartment

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