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Amazing World of Textural Brilliance: Affordable Makeover of Tiny Cottage

Bohemian, bordering on eclectic at times despite modern makeover in the last two decades, the neighborhood of Fitzroy in Melbourne is home to some of the most beautiful cottage and Victorian homes you will ever see. Many renovations and makeovers in this neighborhood rely on keeping the front façade intact while it is the backyard that holds the new, glossy rear extension. But the Dolls House designed by Studio Edwards takes a completely different approach both because of the taste of the homeowners and more pressingly, its ultra-limited size. The smallest house on the street it sits in, this is an old workers cottage now feels captivating.

Shabby chic and eclectic styles seemed to be combined inside this living space

Because of the limited space on offer, architects wanted to maximize the available area and they did so by using a simple floor plan that placed emphasis on utilizing the two small courtyards. Wooden framed glass doors swing open in here to welcome the outdoors inside and this gives the small bedrooms and the living area much more spacious visual appeal. White walls are used in every room of the house to create a backdrop that reduces fragmentation of space and the angled courtyard walls also add to this newfound sense of cheerful openness.

Wooden shelves in the living area offer ample space of books and decorative pieces
Different textures and finishes bring modern and classic approaches together in the revamped home
Exposed brick walls, rugged plaster finish and eclectic mix of decor give this room a unique style
Ladder is used to access the upper shelves in the hallway
New floor plan of the house opens it to the small courtyards outside
Opening doors brings ventilation into the small and revamped worker’s cottage in Melbourne
Small bedroom design that utilized natural light along with modest lighting

Exposed brick walls, plaster that brings textural charm and lighting fixtures that add metallic dazzle combine to shape a home where there is no shortage of ‘something different’ no matter where you look. Wooden shelves in the living area and a plush gray couch complete the transformation that makes this a ‘one-of-a-kind’ home. [Photography: Frasen Marsden]

Finding the right lighting solutions for the small modern bedroom in white
Glass doors with wooden frame swing open to connect the bedroom with the small courtyard outside
Bathroom in white with smart lighting that steals the spotlight!
Color palette that is common across rooms and the hallway give the interior a more spacious look
Floor plan of revamped Dolls House designed by Edwards Moore in Melbourne

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