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Reading Nook Ideas For Curating a Perfectly Cozy Corner

If reading is your biggest passion, having a designated corner for your favorite activity is an excellent idea. A reading nook will contribute to the room’s aesthetics with its appealing design and functionality. Moreover, assembling a nicely curated corner is pretty straightforward and can work with many different interior styles. If you don’t know how to get started, we have you covered with reading nook inspiration and professional tips. 

Creating a cozy reading nook is a wonderful way to enhance your reading experience and create a comfortable space for relaxation. A reading nook can be as simple as a comfortable chair and a good book or as elaborate as a customized space designed specifically for the purpose of reading. Whatever your space and style preferences, designing a cozy reading nook can be a fun and rewarding project.

The first step in creating a reading nook is to choose the perfect location. Ideally, the space should be quiet and free from distractions, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your reading. A corner of a living room or bedroom can be a great option, as it provides a sense of privacy while still being accessible. Alternatively, a dedicated room or space can be transformed into the ultimate reading retreat.

Dark and moody reading nook

This moody design features refined aesthetics but still manages to insert a dose of cozy warmth. Although the dark colors are predominant, the design is elevated with a luscious plant and a fluffy throw. The stylish lamp and painting anchor the reading nook, making it an intentional and well-styled arrangement.

Dark and moody reading nook (from Design Sponge)

Sophisticated and airy reading nook

The large mirror and light colors bring airy vibes while carrying a sense of spaciousness. Add lots of homey throw pillows for extra charm and comfort, and anchor the spot with a sophisticated floor lamp.

Bright and airy design (from Studio McGee)

Smart storage solutions

This compact reading nook radiates coziness and comfort while offering plenty of storage solutions for your extensive book collection. The modern daybed provides a comfortable spot for relaxation and enjoying the company of a good book. Style up your reading nook with luxurious light fixtures and paintings for a high-end look.

Compact reading nook with chic vibes (from Studio McGee)

Macrame swing for uniqueness

If you want to create a unique and whimsical reading spot, opt for a delightful swing as a seating option. Add a small area rug to anchor the setting, and complement it with a side table for convenience.

Adorable swing for a cozy reading nook (from Remodelista)

Charming reading corner with built-in shelving

If you already have built-in shelves, turn that lonely corner into a cozy reading nook in just a few simple steps. This charming design features navy blue walls, an adorable wooden bench, and a detailed rug with an eye-catchy print. In addition to adding texture, the woven basket is the perfect place for storing a cozy blanket.

Moody yet charming corner (from Emily Henderson)
Moody yet charming corner (from Emily Henderson)

Warm Scandinavian reading nook

If you are one of the Scandi style enthusiasts, this intimate reading nook will exceed your expectations. The woven rug, textured blanket, and muted colors complement each other to perfection. The fiddle leaf fig plant anchors the invitingly curated corner while bringing nature’s vibes and a dose of tranquility.

Warm Scandi-inspired reading nook(from Beachwood)

Curated mix of neutrals

This simple reading nook design looks warm and inviting while blending in the sophisticated aesthetics. Layering different shades of neutrals is an excellent way to keep things playful within the desired mood.

Neutral and sophisticated reading nook (from Cabana state of mind)

Warm and inviting corner

The lounge chair is a versatile piece that perfectly fits the modern decor. This reading nook brings in desert vibes through the warm color palette and select elements. The cactus images fit the ambiance, while the patterned rug makes a daring statement.

Cozy corner for enjoying your favorite book (from Hauser stores)

Contemporary reading nook

Complement the contemporary aesthetics of your living room with a curated reading nook. The matching floor lamp and side table make the arrangement perfectly functional.

Modern and refined reading nook (from West Elm)

Eclectic vibes

This eclectic reading nook highlights the extensive book collection while bringing an earthy feel. The shelving units feature fine art and decor to fit the overall mood. The marble side table and a bamboo chair create an unexpected mix of textures, supported by the patterned rug.

Fresh and eclectic reading nook (from Lonny)

Design Tips

Choose the right location: Consider a space that is quiet, away from distractions, and has the right amount of natural light. A corner of your bedroom or living room is ideal.

Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design -A small reading nook is located beneath a staircase and is accented with a rectangular gray floor cushion topped with a thin blue striped cushion and white and blue pillows.

Invest in a comfortable chair: A comfortable chair is essential to create a cozy reading nook. Opt for a chair that has a soft backrest, armrests, and cushions for added comfort.

Photo Credit: Tobi Fairly – Framed by a wall painted in Sherwin Williams Waterscape, a white storage bench is topped with a brown cushion accented with blue and purple pillows placed against an blue tufted backsplash lit by a Capiz Flower Chandelier hung behind white and blue tie back curtains.

Add a footrest or ottoman: A footrest or ottoman is a great addition to your reading nook, as it will allow you to stretch your legs and relax even further

Photo Credit: Cameron Design – Gray built-in shelves lit by Aerin Charlton Sconces are fixed over a built-in reading nook topped with a blue cushion and yellow pillows.

Use soft lighting: Soft lighting is key to creating a cozy atmosphere in your reading nook. Choose warm, soft lighting such as table lamps or floor lamps to create a relaxing ambiance.

Photo Credit: Establish Design – Blue built in reading nook with a window seat bench and storage drawers underneath in a girls bedroom design.

Incorporate natural elements: Adding natural elements such as plants, flowers, or even a small water fountain can help to create a calming and peaceful environment.

Photo Credit: Katie Martinez – Girls bedroom reading nook alcove finished with a bench and pink cushion. Vertical shiplap walls bring a cottage look to the walls along with a white wood dresser accebtednwith oil rubbed bronze hardware.

Include a side table: A side table is a great addition to your reading nook, as it will provide a convenient spot to place your book, glasses, or cup of tea.

Photo Credit: Amber Interiors – Attic nook features a built in reading bench with gray cushions and drawers accented with brass cup pulls and gray vertical shiplap trim illuminated by a vintage brass lantern.

Choose the right colors: Colors such as warm browns, soft blues, and greens can create a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Avoid bright colors or patterns that can be distracting.

Photo Credit: Jen Talbot Design – Family friendly living space a rope ladder which leads to a built-in reading nook clad in silver and gold metallic wallpaper.

Add cozy textures: Incorporate soft, cozy textures such as plush blankets, throw pillows, and a soft rug to create a comfortable and inviting space.

Photo Credit: Clark and Co Homes – Bedroom features steps that lead to a cozy built-in reading nook with built-in shelves lit by black sconces and book print wallpaper.

Consider noise reduction: If your reading nook is in a busy area of your home, consider adding noise-reducing curtains or even a white noise machine to help block out distractions.

Photo Credit: Bria Hammel Interiors – Rustic wood beams frame a reading nook boasting a built-in two-toned daybed flanked by white modular shelves and fixed against a wall covered in white and blue wallpaper finished with side-by-side art.

Personalize your space: Finally, don’t forget to add personal touches such as family photos, artwork, or even a scented candle to make your reading nook feel like your own personal sanctuary.

Photo Credit: Marika Meyer – Boy’s room features a window seat reading nook with a blue striped cushion and blue pillows under a black and white trellis Roman shade and a blue bed.
Photo Credit: Laura U – Living room features a wall with oval reading nook and Queen of Spain wallpaper in front of an ivory teddy bear sectional with pink pillows.
Photo Credit: Imagine Design – Staircase landing features a built in reading nook with blue cushion and bookshelves.
Photo Credit: The Lifestyled Co – Brass sconces illuminated a staircase with built in reading nook accented with tan pillows and a black throw blanket and a wooden stool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a reading nook?

A reading nook is a designated space in your home where you can relax and read a book. It typically consists of a comfortable chair or seat, good lighting, and some form of storage for your books.

What are some essentials for creating a cozy reading nook?

Some essentials for creating a cozy reading nook include a comfortable chair or seat, good lighting, a soft blanket, and some decorative pillows. You may also want to include a small table or shelf for your books and a plant or two to add some greenery.

Where is the best location to create a reading nook?

The best location for a reading nook is somewhere quiet and comfortable where you won’t be disturbed. It could be a corner of your living room, a spare bedroom, or even a nook under the stairs.

How should I choose the right chair for my reading nook?

When choosing a chair for your reading nook, comfort should be your top priority. Look for a chair that has good back support and is the right height for your body. You may also want to consider a chair with an ottoman or footrest for added comfort.

What type of lighting is best for a reading nook?

Good lighting is essential for a reading nook. Natural light is ideal, but if that’s not possible, you’ll want to choose a lamp that provides bright, warm light. Look for a lamp with an adjustable arm so you can direct the light where you need it.

How should I organize my books in my reading nook?

There are many ways to organize your books in your reading nook. You could arrange them by genre, author, or color. You may also want to consider using a bookshelf or a small table with shelves to keep them tidy.

What are some decorative touches I can add to my reading nook?

Some decorative touches you can add to your reading nook include cozy blankets, decorative pillows, a rug, and some artwork or photos. You may also want to add a scented candle or diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere.

How can I make my reading nook more comfortable?

To make your reading nook more comfortable, you could add a soft rug, a heating pad or hot water bottle, and a small side table for drinks and snacks. You may also want to consider adding some soundproofing to the walls or windows to reduce outside noise.

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