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Scandinavian Style Meets Sustainable Design Inside This Montreal Home

A style like Scandinavian perfectly lends itself to green design because of its innate simplicity, practicality and emphasis on the minimal aspect of design. This is precisely why APPAREIL architecture opted for a modern Nordic look as they revamped an old home in Montreal to create a sustainable, elegant and energetic home that is full of cheer. EQUINOXE Residence is all about going green in more ways than one. It all starts with a floor plan that places emphasis on an uncluttered, open look, allowing light to freely flow from one level to another. Add to this smart design that reduces reliance on heating and cooling systems, and you have an absolute gem of a home!

Street facade of cintemporary EQUINOXE Residence by APPAREIL architecture

But that is not where the many eco-friendly traits of this house end. Every little element has been carefully put in place to enhance its overall ‘green quotient’, and absolutely nothing is random or coincidental. Large glass windows and sliding glass doors bring in plenty of natural light along with cleverly placed skylights, even as the open, lower-level living area charms with its cool, sunken living room. With a dining area and kitchen that are equally relaxing and yet unassuming, you have an interior where less is definitely more.

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The top level has been altered into a mezzanine level with the private spaces that embrace the Nordic flavor and ergonomics of the living area. A custom wooden staircase with glass railing steals the show in this exquisite Montreal home, even as the small outdoor deck promises relaxing evenings throughout the warmer months. [Photography: Francis Pelletier]

Open and light-filled living area of the Montreal residence with sunken living zone

Gorgeous wooden staircase with glass railing also offers plenty of storage space

Custom built staircase in ash wood

Contemporary kitchen in white with wooden cabinets and smart island

Add some color to the dining space with unique decorative pieces and indoor plants

Minimal bedroom with Nordic style in white

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Bioclimatic studies were completed with a certified consultant before the renovations. The insights gained, such as influx of natural light and heat intake, helped to rethink the space accordingly and to have a positive impact on the building performance. The polished concrete floor was chosen mainly for ecological reasons; it reflects light and provides an interesting thermal mass…

Stylish and simple modern bathroom design in white with thermal flooring

Wooden vanity for the light-filled bathroom in white

Small wooden deck with outdoor dining and a luxurious sofa

New wooden deck and outdoor living zone of the revamped home in Montreal

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