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Lindis Lodge: Stunningly Sustainable Design Set Amidst NZ Southern Alps

There are few spots as dramatic, spectacular in sheer presence and at the same time relaxing as the Southern Alps of New Zealand. You almost feel like reaching an enchanting edge of the world; a world that you would have seen only in Hollywood flicks based on fairytales and fascinating tales. It is here that you find the Lindis Lodge – a luxurious, five-bedroom retreat designed by Architecture Workshop that is as amazing as the scenery that surrounds it. Drawing inspiration from weaving folded moraine across the valley, the design of the lodge flows along with the landscape even as its majestic Spotted Gum hardwood lamella steals the spotlight.

Breathtaking and sustainable lodge blends into the contours of the landscape

The flowing roof does much more than just offer a captivating shell for the lodge as its cost-effective and eco-friendly design offers multiple advantages. In fact, the entire structure has been created using sustainable design principles with weather in the region ranging from hot in summer months to chilly during other times of the year. A backup generator, efficient LPG boilers, geothermal heat pumps, rainwater harvesting systems and top-notch insulation are just a few among the many features here that combine to create the perfect, planet-friendly escape. [Photography: Patrick Reynolds]

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Pool table, bar and living area of the lodge
Spotted Gum hardwood lamella, stone and modernity of the lodge
Stunning view of New Zealand’s Southern Alps from the serene retreat
Wavy and unique roof form of the lodge inspired by glacial moraines
Wood, stone and glass create a stunning lodge that you just cannot miss
Expansive and eco-friendly Lindis Lodge in New Zealand

The architect’s strategy for a five bedsuite luxury lodge in a remote glacial valley in the NZ Southern Alps explores these questions. The architecture draws inspiration from the imposing grandeur of the vastly scaled glacial landscape and the weaving folded moraine across the valley that ensued – remnant topography from the glacial retreat 10,000 years ago.

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Fabulous complex gridshell roof of the stunning lodge in New Zealand
Glass doors and windows blur the line between the interior and the outdoors
Panoramic view of the landscape from the Lindis Lodge

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