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Bower House: Energy-Efficient Beach-Style Retreat with Modern Cottage Vibe

We love a house that combines local flavor with old-world inspiration and contemporary ergonomics without ever seeming out of place. The Bower House designed by inspace is one such fabulous residence nestled in the quiet seaside town of Shoreham, which is known for its relaxing ambiance and pine-covered cliffs. The one-of-a-kind home blends beautiful beach style with the form of a classic cottage and does it all without ever forgoing modern functionality and an air of luxury! Even its exterior presents a unique picture with three different structures clad in natural-edge weatherboards, batten timber cladding and cool mud brick.

Exterior of the beach cottage-styled Bower House in mud brick, natural edge weather-boards and timber cladding

Each of three cottage-style structures of the home has its own purpose, with the first one serving as a garage and workshop as it sits at the end of a winding driveway that leads you into the lot. The second edifice is the main house that contains the open plan space with the living, kitchen and dining areas on the lower level and the private zones on the top floor, while the third building houses the laundry and home studio. This not only gives a clear delineation of functionality for each structure, but also allows the architects to make the most of the available space outdoors.

Low-maintenance and energy-efficient beach style Bower House in Shoreham

Fabulous pool deck creates a relaxing retreat at home perfect for a staycation

Spacious wooden deck, outdoor Jacuzzi and pool area of the Bower House in Shoreham

Extensive timber decks move into the landscape to take the living area outdoors

Sustainable interior with batten timber cladding and mud brick for the cozy family room

Ceiling of the dining room keeps it natural cool inside the beach style Aussie Residence

Beautiful beach style kitchen with pops of blue, red and green

Flowing wooden decks extend the living space outside, with a vivacious pool area and outdoor Jacuzzi elevating the opulence of this Aussie home. On the inside, a neutral color scheme coupled with varying finishes in straw, terracotta, timber and mud brick create a low-maintenance, inviting and elegant atmosphere that marries countryside beauty with a dose of modernity. A perfect family residence that reflects the dreamy charm of Shoreham!

Ingenious bookshelf design with colorful sliding panels

Straw ceiling is the showstopper inside the relaxing beach style bedroom

Pergola structure and outdoor dining space at the Bower House

Simple and efficient beach style deck with an unabated view of the green landscape

Garage, laundry and studio and main house of the Bower House in Shoreham, Victoria

Garage and workshop of the Bower House

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