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Super-Tiny Apartment Just 8 Sqm in Size Wows with Creative Multi-functional Wall

There are plenty of tiny apartments that we have featured on Decoist, but few if any were as tiny as this super-small apartment in Paris that is no more than just 8 square meters in size. The ergonomic and self-sufficient apartment unit was once a maids room and it sits on the attic level of a building that is both timeless and elegant. The homeowners wanted a space that could function all on its own and hence Kitoko Studio had to fit in a small kitchenette, loft bed, dining area and a bathroom into the limited area without sacrificing sense of spaciousness. This was achieved using the all that houses everything from dining chairs and foldable table to stairway and a whole lot more!

Ultra-tiny apartment unit in Paris with a multi-functional wall that does it all

The maid rooms were never originally built to function as individual housing units on their own and this means the architects had to start from scratch to transform the unit entirely. The white wall with lovely design also ensures that the light inside the apartment is spread evenly thorough out and a loft sleeping area elevates the functionality further. The gray kitchenette in the corner offers a minimal cooking area while a closet that comes out of the space under the bed keeps the wardrobe neat. A superb makeover that is just unbelievable! [Photography: Fabienne Delafraye]

Smart and modern storage space next to the bathroom
Steps that lead to the top loft bedspace with storage as well
Storage of stools made easy with space that allow them to be tucked in with ease
Ultra-tiny kitchen sink in the corner with a hint of gray added to the mix
View of the bathroom from the small living area
Multifunctional unit wall with design makes a visual impact

The architectural response we made in order to implement many different functions refers to the “concept of the Swiss Army knife.” The Swiss Army Knife is a simple knife but, by a game of sliding and folding, it can contain a multitude of tools in a very small object. Therefore, the new maid’s room is a modular transcription of such an object…

Creative multi-functional wall inside super small Paris apartment does it all with ease
Custom storage and sleeping units can be opened and closed whenever needed
Dining space and loft bed of the multi-functional wall
Innovative design of the loft bed and staircase that leads to it
Keeping the interior of the 8 square meter apartment as uncluttered as possible
Loft bed level is easy to access without much fuss
Beautiful custom wall inside the small maid’s apartment combines aesthetics with ergonomics
Closet allows for smart organization of wardrobe without wastage of space

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