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A Refreshing Summer Table Setting: 2 Ways

Today we’re showcasing the beauty of a simple, refreshing table setting, especially as we get ready to welcome the warmest season of the year! Start with a few basic ingredients and experiment with special touches, but remember that less is more if you want the food to take center stage. Whether you prefer light, bright and crisp or warm and inviting, we’ve got you covered. Scroll down for an easy, affordable way to welcome guests to your table this summer

The Ingredients

The formula for a beautiful summer table: white dinner plates + appetizer plates in a contrasting color + interesting greenery. As you’ll see below, simply by changing up the flatware, the napkins, and the centerpiece receptacle, you can get two entirely different looks.

Our dinner plates are a discontinued pattern from Crate & Barrel (learn more about the Claire pattern here). The teal appetizer plates come from CB2 and are a gloriously affordable $1.99 apiece! We love the idea of topping each plate with a special bite, such as round crackers covered in goat cheese and pink peppercorn. Our greenery was picked up at the local market, labeled “California filler” and sold for $3 a bunch!

Ready to see it all come together?…

Look #1: Crisp and Whimsical

The first table setting features napkins with a dash pattern, as well as silver flatware. The look is cool and crisp, while the flowers and abstract napkin pattern combine to create a whimsical feel.

The green border on the napkins is repeated in the blue-green hue of the appetizer plate, while the rosy tint of the pink peppercorn on the appetizer cracker mirrors the purple edges of the centerpiece greenery:

The napkins were purchased from Arro Home (no longer available), but check out these, these and these for a similar look. You could even paint your own by free-handing a design with fabric paint for a more affordable solution!

Keep reading for our second table setting…

Warm and Inviting

Gold flatware and linen napkins put a warm spin on the table setting below, while a brass bowl replaces the glass vase for the centerpiece. The white plates keep the look light and refreshing for summer, as does the minimalist look of the place setting. Placing the napkin on the dinner plate downplays the stark white hue while punctuating the teal appetizer dishes.


The brass bowl is a CB2 find, and you can get a similar look with this piece. Placing greenery in a bowl is a bit unexpected, and it keeps the centerpiece low and striking. You can even line the middle of your table with a trio of greenery-filled brass bowls.

The linen napkins were a bargain buy at an outlet, but this season there are plenty of options to choose from. This World Market selection caught our eye, as did these gorgeous napkins from Etsy. The Emory Gold Flatware is from Crate & Barrel.

When it comes to today’s featured table settings, which is your favorite: the crisp, whimsical table at the top of the post or the warm-toned table setting below?

We at Decoist wish you and yours a wonderful summer, filled with many delicious meals!

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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