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Custom Metallic Grid Brings a Vibrant Green Display to This London Café

Snacking on fast food is nothing new to any of us. But this café in London treats you to some slow fast food and salad delicacies even as its delightfully breezy interior leaves you charmed! The new Olive + Squash café in the heart of London was designed by Neiheiser Argyros to create a relaxing and yet unique dining experience that combines tranquility with a hint of greenery and a smart, urban ambiance. With a new interior that is divided into two distinctly different spaces, the slow food café seems to offer something for everyone.

Creative salad and slow food café in London

On the lower level one can see a hip and happening take-out-counter along with a custom terraced Corian counter-top for the servery display that instantly draws your attention. Color scheme here is kept intentionally neutral with white dominating the backdrop. The mezzanine level above paints an entirely different picture with warm colors and cozy textures creating a smart dining zone. A bespoke metallic grid in white divides the two areas of the café and becomes the real showstopper as it also offers ample space for potted plants, herbs and a host of other ‘green’ additions.

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Olive + Squash salad and slow food cafe in London
Glass facade of the Olive + Squash in London
Custom metallic grid gives the interior its unique look
Lighting gives the interior an exquisite appeal
Mezzanine level dining area with a warm, inviting look
Warm and inviting mezzanine level dining area of the cafe

Despite the contrast in finishes and ambiance, the transition between the take-out-zone and the dining on the mezzanine level is absolutely seamless. Minimal pendants in gray along with nifty recessed lighting complete this London hangout that is bound to impress both design buffs and foodies alike!

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Gray and brown create a smart backdrop along with pops of yellow and blue
Innovative design of the grid offers ample display space for greenery
Smart display of greenery adds pep to the interior
White metal grid holds plants, flowers and herbs
Background adds color and texture to the cafe
Bespoke design of the metal grid with space for planters

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