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Living Room Color Trends for Summer 2021: From the Bright to the Pastel

When we often talk about seasonal trends and ideas, then the rooms that top the list are the kitchen and the bedroom. While that is understandable since most of us tend to spend the majority of our time either in the social kitchen of the open plan living area or the bedroom, the living space itself seems to have been ignored. The living room is a place where it is often the neutral colors that hold sway and homeowners tend to avoid too much of bright color because that generally leaves people divided. But the modern living space is also the perfect area to try out new, seasonal colors in small spurts before you embrace them fully.

Drapes bring mint green to this spacious living room in neutral colors [From: Leslie Fine Interiors]

2021 has seen an entirely new range of colors take over the living room and these are colors that move away from the usual lineup of cream, beige, white and blue. Sure, there is still a hint of blue somewhere in there and you also have the hottest neutral of the decade making an appearance in a darker avatar. But the colors of summer this year feels fresh, lively and even usher in a hint of sophistication when used right. Step in and discover the very best ideas utilizing the hottest colors of the season –

Mint Makes a Statement

This is one color that you definitely do not see all that often in the many living rooms across the world. Mint green might be a rarity in livings paces, but it is bound to make a big splash in the months ahead. Even as summer fades away and fall takes over, mint green will continue to appear in everything trendy all around you. Both the fashion and interior decorating industry have embraced the light and relaxing hue of mint gleefully this year. So why not try it out in the neutral living area before painting all of those walls mint green!

Finding the right shade of mint green for your living room walls [From: Monarch & Maker]
Light mint green walls for the modern beach style living room with ample natural light [From: Schell Brothers]
Mint green does not go too far from white when it comes to creating a neutral backdrop
Textured mint green walls for the modern Mediterranean living room with a bright red chair in the corner
Working with mint green walls inside the modern living room [From: Robert Granoff]
Darker shades of mint green in the living room create a relaxing backdrop for the bright blue sofa [From: MYCS – Individuelle Möbel]

Yellow and Blue in Synergy

Yellow and blue are colors that are pretty commonly found in the living room. But take things a step further this year by combining pops of yellow with blue brilliance in an unabated fashion. You can still keep the backdrop largely neutral while décor brings in various shades of blue and yellow. A balance between both the colors can be achieved by repeating the colors throughout the room even as the rest of the interior remains unassuming. By using two different colors in the living area, you can also easily choose décor for the kitchen and dining area next to it.

Fabulous modern living room in gray with blue and yellow accents all around [From: Meriwether Design Group]
Finding a balance between yellow and blue in the neutral living room with coastal style [From: Schell Brothers]
It is yellow that is used to shape the backdrop while blue brings brightness to it [From: Curated Nest]
Large sectional in blue along with drapes that feature yellow pattern add color to the interior [From: Debbie Basnett Interiors]
Remodeled modern beach style living room in light yellow and blue is a showstopper [From: Zimmerman Interiors]

From Dark Gray to Black

We love living rooms that take a turn towards the darker theme and nothing feels more sophisticated than a curated living space in black. If you are not comfortable with using black in an extensive fashion, then the smarter option is to embrace darker shades of gray. Charcoal gray is a color that is both trendy and dashing and it is again a hue that can easily be repeated in the kitchen or family room. Here, décor in lighter colors looks best while metallic accents also make a big visual impression.

Black wall makes for a lovely backdrop in the spacious, modern living room with gray floor and décor [From: Loft Interiors]
Modern eclectic living room in black with ample pattern and ingenious design [From: Jasmin Reese Interiors]
Use the ceiling to usher in a bit of black into the contemporary living room [From: Bridgewater Innovative Builders]
Using black in the living room in a modern and classy fashion [From: Woods & Warner]

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