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Create New Space: Altering a Small 47 Sqm Apartment into a 60Sqm Home

Creating new space might feel like a magical proposition for some of us and an idea that is almost impossible in our congested urban homes. But move past the mundane constraints of poorly executed architectural plans and throw in a bit of creativity and you have a fabulous new interior really IS far more spacious. This is not about ‘paint and mirrors’ that create an illusion of more space. This is actually discovering new area in your home and this small apartment in Kiev revamped by Martin’s shows you exactly how to get the job done! Turning an old, 47 square meter apartment into one that has 60 square meters of area, the new interior feels fresh, rejuvenating and just brilliant.

Custom wooden addition inside the Kiev apartment with two sleeping area and a new loft level

It is hard to miss the feature that created the biggest impact inside this apartment you step into the open plan living area – a custom wooden unit at the end with loft bedroom and workspace. This new second level brings additional square footage to the small home while removing unnecessary internal partitions also helped a great deal. The new living area, kitchen and dining space are now one large flowing space with large windows bringing in ample natural light. Exposed brick walls on one side and polished white finishes on the other blend the old with the new.

Bespoke wooden unit inside the apartment has two sleeping areas and a walk-in closet
Creating additional space in the double-height apartment with lovely sleeping areas
Decorating the tiny living area in an open plan apartment without too many decor pieces
Exposed brick walls and arched window bring a sense of timeless charm to the modern apartment
Large mirror and lovely art work welcome you at the entry of this beautiful Kiev apartment
Lighting and wooden walls give the walk-in wardrobe a fabulous modern appeal
Loft level bedroom and work area feels simple and minimal

Décor inside the apartment is simple and minimal with a smart couch in the living area, a round dining table with wooden chairs and a single wall kitchen completing the setting. A large mirror at the entrance and brilliant lighting put the final touches on this transformed Ukrainian apartment. [Photography: Igor Karpenko]

Mirror at the entry hallway gives the interior a more spacious and stylish look
New open plan living of the small Kiev apartment with double-height interior
Tiny balcony of the Kiev apartment with just enough space for a couple!
View of the living area from the loft level bedroom above that also has a workspace
Wooden staircase leading to the loft level also offers storage area
Beautiful and large windows bring ample natural light into the living area of the revamped apartment
Beautiful and large windows bring ample natural light into the living area of the revamped apartment
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